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A look at bank programs across the country: Who is doing what and, more importantly, is it working?

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University of Wisconsin – Stout

Last year, University of Wisconsin – Stout selected Higher One to provide banking services on its student ID card. The institution was using Blackboard for its campus card program and Datacard’s ID Works for card issuance and so the new offering needed to coexist with these systems. Further, Joe Krier, Director, Budget and Technical Services for the campus, knew that the project would only be successful if seamless integration between these separate systems could be accomplished.

When asked if they succeeded, Mr. Krier, gives an emphatic, “Yes!” He reports that the transfer and sharing of data between the Higher One web portal and the Blackboard transaction system is automatic and smooth. And the ties between the university’s financial systems and the Higher One system work so well that $6 million in financial aid was electronically distributed to student accounts–called OneAccounts–at the start of the term. In the coming months the university’s student payroll–totally $4 million annually– will be distributed to the Higher One accounts.

Nearly 90% of UW-Stout’s 8000 students have activated their OneAccount. Activation is done via the Higher One web site that is co-branded with UW-Stout. The OneAccount cards are MasterCard debit cards but have the student photo and university branding. The photos are captured in the card office via the ID Works software. The card information is sent to Higher One and a personalized MasterCard is created and mailed from the secure facility within days.

In the meantime, the student receives a temporary ID that functions for all on-campus needs and in the Blackboard system. When the OneAccount card arrives via mail, the student goes to the web site to activate the card. Higher One then instructs the Blackboard system to activate the new card and deactivate the temporary card.

Concludes Mr. Krier, “this has made the card a part of the university. It is no longer just a dining card.” (Contact: Joe Krier, Director, Budget and Technical Services, [email protected])

Pennsylvania State University
At the Pennsylvania State University, students have had the option to tie their card to a PNC account for several years. This approch–unique in the campus card industry– enabled the individual to select the bank to provide their campus card-based financial services. In 2001, however, the multi-bank offering was stopped and the exclusive partner relationship was awarded to PNC. Since then, more than 7000 accounts have been opened. At the main campus in University Park, a PNC Customer Servcie Center located in the id+ office provides client services, has an ATM that accepts deposits and cashes checks to the penny, and provides 24/7 access via a state-of-the-art web station. (Contact: Joel Weidner, Director, Business and Auxiliary Service, [email protected])
Florida State University

Florida State University and SunTrust Bank partnered together in 1996 to deliver the FSUCard to all FSU students, faculty, and staff. The card is a multi-purpose identification card that also serves as a library card, access control card, stored value card, long distance calling card, private label check card, and an ATM/Point of Sale (POS) debit card. Merchants established to accept the FSUCard through the private label network accept the private label check card transactions. ATM and merchant POS transactions are effected via a magnetic ABA stripe on the back of the card and access accounts at SunTrust.

Of the 37,000 students on campus, 65% receive some form of financial aid or monetary award (grant, scholarship, Florida Bright Futures, etc.). FSU distributes the students’ financial aid electronically into their FSUCard accounts at SunTrust. These funds are then accessed with a student’s FSUCard. Students not choosing the electronic form of payment can still receive a check delivered through the mail, though these numbers are small.

Students establish their FSUCard accounts at the full-service SunTrust office immediately adjacent to the FSUCard Center on campus. SunTrust offers two types of accounts from which a student may choose, the FSUCard Account and the FSUCard Economy Account. The FSUCard Account product provides the initial supply of checks at no charge, carries no monthly maintenance fee, allows for five checks per statement cycle, as well as over-the-counter withdrawals, at no cost. A $1 transaction fee is assessed for ATM transactions. The FSUCard Economy Account is identical to the FSUCard account with two exceptions; a minimal monthly maintenance fee (currently $4.00) is assessed and a student may have unlimited ATM transactions at no charge.

  • # of Accounts: 28,000
  • Avg. funds on deposit in campus card banking accts: $19,000,000
  • Average funds on deposit per account: $678

(Contact: Dianna Norwood, Director FSUCard Center, dnorwood

University of Central Florida
University of Central Florida (UCF) and SunTrust Bank partnered together in 2002 providing the Orland-based institution with banking services similar to the SunTrust offering at Florida State University (see above case study).

At UCF, the smart chip utilizes three purses, one for vending machines, one allocated to the campus bookstore (pinned transaction) and the third allocated to other on-campus merchants (pinned transaction). ATM and merchant POS transactions are effected via a magnetic ABA stripe on the back of the card and access accounts at SunTrust.

Of the almost 39,000 students on campus, approximately 65% receive some form of financial aid or monetary award. As at FSU, these awards are transferred electronically to the UCF Card accounts. The on campus, full-service SunTrust office is available to assist students, faculty, and staff with banking needs. Though the location is not a traditional bank branch (no cash handling is done via tellers), deposits and withdrawls can be accomplished via the on site ATMs.

  • # of Accounts: 10,200
  • Average funds on deposit in campus card banking accounts: $9,000,000
  • Average funds on deposit per account: $882

(Contact: Tammy Kidder, Director, UCF Card Center, [email protected])

University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado launched its banking relationship with Wells Fargo in 1998. The service and products from Wells Fargo have been extremely well received on the 11,000 student campus in Greeley, Colorado. have taken to the banking component of the card. According to UNC Card Manager, Cindy Vetter, “the customer service and products they offer to our students are outstanding, and is evident by the fact we have almost a 90% participation rate in our banking program.”

Students can use their UNC Card as the ATM card throughout the world for access to their Wells Fargo Free Checking Account. As long as the ATM machine is operated by Wells Fargo, there are no fees. Students can also use their UNC Card and 4-digit PIN instead of a check at locations both on and off campus wherever STAR and Interlink purchases are accepted.

Students receive free checking, direct electronic deposit of both financial aid and student payroll, parents can deposit or transfer money into the student’s account at any Wells Fargo Bank. With an optional Wells Fargo MasterCard Credit Card, overdraft protection for the checking account is available.

Adds Ms. Vetter, “students, faculty and staff love the convenience of having a branch right here on site, and the parents are impressed with the availability of services they have no matter what part of the country they are in. UNC is very happy with our partnership with Wells Fargo and we look forward to many years of continued service.” (Contact: Cindy Vetter, UNC Card Manager; [email protected])

UNC-Chapel Hill

In 2000, the 25,000 student University of North Carolina selected Wachovia to implement finncial capabilities for the UNC One Card.Via the partnership, students can now choose to have their UNC One Cards enhanced with Visa Check Card capability. This enables the student ID to transact worldwide throughout the Visa network as a debit card.

According to Allen Westbrook, VP/Campus Card Sales Manager for Wachovia, UNC is the only campus program issuing a Visa Check Card product on the actual student ID card. Even more uniquely, these cards are instant-issued by card office staff on-campus.

The UNC One Card also supports bank-to-campus transfers where cardholders can move funds from their Wachovia account to their UNC One Card account (a declining balance account used for on-campus payments) via the telephone. (Contact: Mike Freeman, Director of Card Services, [email protected])

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University selected PNC Bank to provide banking services to its Freedom Card program in 1997. The 5000 student institution located outside of Pittsburg in Moon Township, PA has been a PNC partner ever since. The Freedom Card can be used for ATM and POS purchases on and off campus, and an optional companion card enables Visa Check Cardpurchases worldwide. The card also has a chip that enables small dollar value transactions at vending machines, copiers, laundry, and certain specially-equipped POS locations. At standalone load value stations, funds can be transferred from the PNC checking account to the chip’s stored value account/purse. (Contact: Tom Arnold, Director, Business and Purchasing Services; [email protected])

Xavier University

In 1995, Xavier University in Cincinatti, Ohio began its banking partnership with U.S. Bank. At that time it was called Star Bank, but it eventually became a part of U.S. Bank via acquisition.

Of the 7500 students at the institution, more than 3,000 have opted for the U.S. Bank account. Using the card accounts, Xavier expedites financial aid distribution and refunds. Students receive checking account privileges and can use the student ID as a debit card. At U.S. Bank’s Super ATMs, cardholders withdraw, deposit, or transfer funds. They can make payments obtain statements, order checks, buy stamps and phone minutes, and even change PIN numbers.

U.S. Bank also has a full service branch located in the campus’ student center. (Contact: Tom Barlow, Director of Auxiliary Services, [email protected])

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