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Chinese initiative pilots NFC mobile ID for elementary school students

A new NFC mobile ID initiative in China is enabling elementary school students to make payments and provide proof of ID using special NFC mobile devices. The pilot program will leverage a digital yuan mobile wallet device that enables students to make payments to designated merchants on and off campus.

Transact completes annual PCI compliance assessment

Transact, credential and payment solutions provide for higher education campuses, has completed the annual SOC 2 Type 2 examination, PCI DSS assessment, and penetration tests.

NC State redesigns Wolfpack One Card

North Carolina State University is making changes to its campus card, the Wolfpack OneCard, with students, faculty and staff able to get their hands on the new credential this June. Among the changes is the ability for campus card holders to use their ID for debit transactions if they have a PNC Bank account.

Marshall signs on with PNC

Marshall University will end a ten-year relationship with Higher One and begin a new contract with PNC Bank June 1 to issue student refunds. The new relationship with PNC eliminates the multi-function card and gives students a traditional student ID with the option to open an account with PNC.

Worst-case scenarios for campuses under new DOE financial aid disbursement regs

Under pending new rules from the Department of Education, campuses may have to curb the outsourcing of financial aid disbursement, as well as the provision of financial accounts and payment cards to students. For hundreds of campuses and millions of students, this could mean the end of long-established, convenient methods of rapidly and cost-effectively disbursing and receiving financial aid. For others, it could also mean the end of valued partnerships between banks and campus card programs altogether.

Department of Education publishes rulemaking document

The Department of Education has released its notice of proposed rulemaking for the regulation of title IV and HEA funds, having been working on the negotiated rulemaking process for over a year. The resulting...

EMV on campus

With the EMV liability shift looming, college campuses are having to come to grips with EMV. Nothing new to the rest of the world, EMV has yet to take root in the US, but that's all about to change. The shift will affect the higher education space and general commerce alike, so with this in mind, here's what universities need to know about EMV.

University of Illinois, TCF Bank to part ways

The University of Illinois and TCF Bank will end their partnership at the end of this month in a move that will unbind the university's i-Card from bank functions. While the move will not affect students' bank accounts, it will remove the use of Illinois' student ID card as a bank card.

Nigerian public schools to issue smart ID cards

Nigeria’s Osun State Government has launched smart identity card for all public school students within the province. The initiative began with the Salvation Army School, and stresses a commitment on...

Senate Banking hearing considers campus card and bank partnerships

A recent US Senate Banking Committee hearing addressed issues that could determine the future of campus card bank partnerships. Though many expected ID cards and aid delivery to be a...
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