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Morehead State publishes informative campus card video

Morehead State has produced an informative video detailing its EagleCard campus credential. The video offers a great depiction of the capabilities of the student ID card and where students and staff can leverage the card around campus.

Penn State issuing new contactless campus cards

Penn State University is issuing a new contactless campus card to its campus community. Called the id+ card, the new credential will not only bear a new card design, but will also incorporate several new contactless features for payment and access control that are expected to create a more user-friendly experience on campus.

CampusIDChat: Remote card issuance & a preview of HID’s NACCU session

HID Global's Nils Wahlander discusses the value of remote card issuance on campus, and the role that the company's FARGO Connect platform in bringing card issuance up to speed. Wahlander also teases HID's educational session for the NACCU Annual Conference with campus client Texas A&M.

Oklahoma bill adds suicide prevention number to student ID cards

The Oklahoma Senate has approved a bill that would require colleges and universities in the state to print on either side of its student ID card the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number, the Crisis Text Line, and the number for campus police or security. The measure in Oklahoma mirrors action being taken in other states, with regards to printing student resource numbers on campus cards.

European cross-border student digital ID gains steam

The European Campus Card Association (ECCA) is proposing a student eID framework project that would provide a single, digital ID for students from different countries and enable registration, online transactions and other tasks. But red tape and technological questions remain to be hammered out as the project approaches its pilot phase.

Idaho bill would ban student ID card for voter identification

A new bill introduced in the state of Idaho would ban use of student ID cards as valid voter identification. The bill would also eliminate same-day voter registration in the state.

State of New Mexico considers student ID card for voter identification

The state of New Mexico is considering a bill that would, in part, decide whether a student ID card will be an acceptable form of identification when registering to vote on election day. New Mexico state law now requires a photo ID for same-day voter registration, but the details as to which forms are required is up for debate.

Open or closed: Understanding the importance of interoperability when upgrading campus cards

Allegion's Jeff Koziol tackles the proprietary vs. non-proprietary discussion around campus cards. Koziol talks about ways campuses can prepare for the future with the the openness of your platform in mind, and lays out facts about interoperability that can guide credential technology decisions.
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How Emory University mobilized its card office experience

In a recent entry to NACCU's Positive IDentity Blog, Emory University's Kim Pfeffer discussed ways she and the card office have improved the customer experience, including taking card issuance out in the field and introducing the idea of a card fee amnesty day. Pfeffer also shared her office's success story in a video presentation to NACCU members.

NACCU now accepting 2022 Awards Nominations

The National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) is now accepting nominations for its Annual Awards. The Awards are presented each year at the Annual Conference, with the 2022 Conference...


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