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The power of omni-channel payments for students, faculty and staff

In a continually expanding campus market, students, faculty and staff expect payment acceptance and a consistent customer experience across all points of interaction. With today’s omni-channel technologies, universities and their supporting communities can deliver this experience while monetizing their payment ecosystems for greater revenues.

Make campus identity decisions with the help of professionals

When it comes to a campus identity environment, navigating decisions regarding credential technology, expensive reader hardware, mobile, biometrics, and whatever comes next, can be tricky. And it shouldn’t be done in the proverbial vacuum. In this, the third installment of a series detailing ColorID’s Identity Roadmap, we explore the reasons that a university should leverage industry expertise when mapping out its campus identity future.

How a Campus Identity Roadmap can avoid outdated, misfit technology

Solidifying your Campus Identity Roadmap is an important first step toward deploying the modern technology that students have come to expect from their universities. In Part II of our series, hear from ColorID's Todd Brooks about the common identity pitfalls facing campuses without a clear roadmap in place.

Forging a new dining experience at Midland University

For most students, accessing the dining hall follows a fairly standard formula across the board: walk in the door, wait in line, swipe or tap your ID card at the POS, and walk in. That’s not the case at Fremont, Nebraska’s Midland University, though, where campus administrators and its food-service partner decided on a different dining hall experience with Lucova’s FIIT POE system.

Charting your campus’ Identity Roadmap

Every campus needs a clear plan when it comes to its identity environment, and the most successful and dynamic institutions don’t just focus on the day-to-day; they also plan for the future. Planning for the future of your identity environment is vital to staying in line with industry trends, and avoiding the pitfalls of leaning on outdated hardware or technology. That’s where ColorID's Campus Identity Roadmap comes in.

The era of campus mobile ordering has arrived

After establishing its first inroads on college campuses in 2014, Tapingo has since grown its network to include millions of student users and nearly 200 active campuses across the country – fifty of which now comprise Tapingo’s delivery markets that the company runs itself. That is a significant, market leading number, and it includes some of the largest institutions in the country.
holograms secure ID cards

Holograms for secure authentication still among top document security features

Holograms, the decades-old technology, is holding its own even as secure authentication relies more on biometrics and digital methods of ID. In spite of the newer tech, holograms are appearing on more passports and appear poised to command a place in the emerging mobile ID world.

Fostering an off-campus program at Pitt

Forging a truly successful off-campus program takes time, effort and commitment that campus card administrators don't always have at their disposal. With this in mind, we recently spoke with the University of Pittsburgh’s Julie Bannister on how Pitt has been able to grow its off-campus program to one of the more extensive in the country, with a total off-campus spend of more than $1.5 million annually.

Podcast: PockeTracker at Madison Area Technical College

In today's short podcast hear from Zack Walker of Vision Database Systems on why a solution like PockeTracker is such a good fit for campus environments and his thoughts on Madison Area Technical College's advanced deployment of the system. Then, hear from Madison College's Doug Gerbitz, who has overseen the PockeTracker deployment across the college's system of campuses, about the ways in which mobile ID verification is being utilized.

Here’s how you can use smartphones to verify student IDs

A growing trend in verification is the use of mobile devices as a means to facilitate the scanning of IDs, and a growing number of campuses are taking notice. With this in mind, we partnered with Vision Database Systems to discuss the use of mobile devices for ID verification.
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