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U. of Arizona, Grubhub create modern, convenient student dining experience

The trend in university dining services is undeniably one toward technology, with mobile ordering, delivery robots, pick-up lockers and self-service kiosks all playing a role in campus dining. One of the most technology-driven dining experiences could be that of the University of Arizona, where all of these solutions have been deployed.

Kent State to enable off-campus meal plan use

Kent State University will launch a new meal plan option that will enable first and second year students to make meal purchases at off-campus dining locations. The new meal plan option will enable students to use "downtown dining dollars" for use at participating area locations.

NACCU shares Speedy Benchmark results

In a recent post to the NACCU Positive IDentity blog, Bankim Patel shares the results of the Association's Speedy Benchmark survey. The Speedy Benchmark is conducted by the NACCU Technology Research Committee, and are designed to collect data that is important to the Association's institutional or corporate members.

Penn State app seeks to boost student engagement

Penn State has launched a new student engagement mobile app for its campus community designed to help undergraduates, regardless of their college or campus, extend their learning with out-of-classroom experiences. The Engagement App is a university-wide platform that connects students with the wide range of engagement experiences available to them at Penn State.

Pitt’s off-campus program rebounding after pandemic dip

The University of Pittsburgh's off-campus program is gaining momentum once again, with students and other members of the campus community taking full advantage of the university's partnerships with local merchants. A change in Pitt’s meal plan programs last year that allocated 25% of dining dollars to be available for use at off-campus vendors saw the "Pitt Eats Local" dining program build strong connections with local businesses and entice students into the surrounding community.

Grubhub, Transact partner to expand off-campus programs for universities

Grubhub has partnered with Transact Campus to include Grubhub's more than 300,000 restaurants nationwide in Transact’s off-campus merchant program, CampusCash. The partnership will extend Grubhub’s restaurant network to Transact’s CampusCash program and is expected to enable broader student spending off campus.

UC Davis entices spring break ‘staycations’ with gift card initiative

The University of California at Davis has revealed a spring break grant program that will reward students who stay on campus during spring break week with $75 gift cards. This time last year, spring break across the country was marked by sharp spikes in COVID-19 cases, with some institutions doing away with the mid-semester hiatus altogether.

Drake U. expands reach of Bulldog Bucks off-campus program

Drake University recently expanded the reach of its Bulldog Bucks off-campus program and declining balance account, enabling students and other Drake community members to make purchases at local businesses. The university hopes the initiative will foster a stronger town-gown relationship by helping to both encourage students to explore more of the Drake neighborhood, as well as support local businesses affected by the pandemic.

Fostering an off-campus program at Pitt

Forging a truly successful off-campus program takes time, effort and commitment that campus card administrators don't always have at their disposal. With this in mind, we recently spoke with the University of Pittsburgh’s Julie Bannister on how Pitt has been able to grow its off-campus program to one of the more extensive in the country, with a total off-campus spend of more than $1.5 million annually.

Georgia moves to disband off-campus program

The University of Georgia Auxiliary Services is set to implement a new system starting next semester that will effectively kill the use of Bulldog Bucks at off-campus merchants. According to UGA Auxiliary Services, all local merchants currently participating in the off-campus program will no longer accept Bulldog Bucks effective May 31. The move will see UGA's Bulldog Bucks revert to an exclusively on-campus program.
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