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Drexel details the perks of its DragonCard student ID

Drexel University has published a helpful guide detailing the many benefits that the university’s student ID card, the DragonCard, provides for members of the campus community. In an official university release, Drexel students are reminded of why the DragonCard is so vital to life on campus and beyond.

As with any university, Drexel encourages its students to always have their campus card handy, even have it on a lanyard, provided no holes are punched in the card. The DragonCard carries a replacement fee of $20, but the benefits the card provides are far more valuable.

In addition to academic building and dorm access, Drexel’s campus card provides library access, and the ability to check out library materials, like books, course materials, laptops and chargers.

While in the library, students also use their DragonCard to print either from a personal laptop or phone or from a mobile printing station. Students pay for print jobs at the printer using their campus card.

Similarly, students can use their DragonCard to access the campus rec center, as well as to check out fitness equipment.

The DragonCard is also a cornerstone of the Drexel Dining Plan. In addition to meal swipe access, the DragonCard also stores dining dollars built into the meal plan that can be used to buy food at university-run dining locations as well as retail dining brands like Chick-fil-A and Starbuck.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Drexel is a short distance by public transit to a number of worthwhile experiences. To navigate on campus, students can use the DragonCard to ride on the university shuttle. Drexel has also struck an agreement with the University of Pennsylvania that enables Drexel students to ride UPenn’s fixed campus route free of charge.

Several Philadelphia retailers offer discounts with a valid DragonCard, including discounts at Nike, J. Crew, Kate Spade, and more.

Beyond the borders of Drexel’s campus, students can use their DragonCard for a wide range of cultural experiences and enjoy discounted or free entry.

The DragonCard provides free admission to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the Institute of Contemporary Art, while the Barnes Foundation is free every first Sunday and just $5 otherwise. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is pay-what-you-wish every Friday after 5 p.m. and $14 otherwise with a valid DragonCard, and the Kimmel Center offers select shows for $10 for students. The University City Cinemark movie theater, the Phillies and the Flyers all have discounted student ticket prices.

It can be easy for students to overlook the advantages that their campus cards provide, particularly for campuses nestled in large metropolitan areas where the traditional borders of campus are somewhat blurred. As is the case with Drexel, however, it’s worthwhile to remind students just how much their student ID card can unlock.

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