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UConn begins issuing new contactless cards

The University of Connecticut has begun its campus wide recarding with the issuance of its new contactless smart card credentials for students, faculty and staff. The new Husky One Cards are now available for all members of the UConn community and those with emeritus status.

According to an official university release, the recarding applies to UConn’s flagship Storrs campus as well as its regional campuses, UConn Law, and individuals in UConn Health that were already carrying a UConn ID.

The new Husky One Card.

The new Husky One Card contains an encrypted smart chip to provide the university and its community with additional security, as well as enable users to tap their card at a reader to conduct transactions.

Helping UConn to accomplish its campus wide recard was identification technology solutions provider, ColorID. The company boasts a full range of recarding services from pre-printing and card production, through to quality control and distribution with custom card packaging and sorting.

UConn employees will use their new Husky One Cards to get tax exemption while purchasing food on campus, to access the Husky Bucks program, and gain entrance to locked doors that they are authorized to access. Those who purchase memberships at the UConn’s Student Recreation Center in Storrs will use a Husky One Card for access as well.

For students, the new Husky One Card will be required to access the new Student Recreation Center, dining halls, and to use the Husky Bucks declining balance account at campus dining locations.

UConn’s recarding efforts started earlier this week beginning with employee card pickups. Cards for UConn students were scheduled to arrive two weeks after employee and staff issuance, and the university has parceled out pickup times and dates at the One Card Office for that phase of issuance. All incoming students will receive the new Husky One Cards during their summer orientation.

The university is stressing that any current Husky One Cards in circulation should be retained until a new one has been picked up, at which point the old card will be deactivated. After initial issuance, the new smart card credentials will carry a $30 fee for any subsequent replacement.

To assist in the recarding efforts, the UConn One Card Office has posted an FAQ page to its website.

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