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FIU boosts One Card value with new rewards program

The first day of summer classes isn’t just the start of a new semester for Florida International University students, it’s also day one for a new point rewards system for the university’s One Card.

Beginning May 12, the Office of Business Services launched the new rewards program in an effort to revamp students’ use of the FIU One Card. According to FIUism, the hope for the new rewards system is to make the One Card more valuable to students.

The program works by allowing students to accumulate points for each purchase they make with the card, with the exception of book advances and meal plans. Perhaps the largest expense for any given student, book advance transfer funds are eligible for points according to university officials.

Students can check their points online, with points being awarded within one day of purchase and posted on the university website.

The system is awarding points from a wide range of local merchants at a one-to-one ratio. Students will receive one point for every $1 spent at a series of local restaurants including: Pollo Tropical, Subway, Tropical Smoothie, Chili’s Too, POD Markets, Sushi Maki, Almazar, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Faculty Club, Dunkin Donuts, Bustelo, Moes, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Einsteins Bros Bagels, The Fresh Food Company, Freshens, Miros, Papa John’s, Salad Creations, GrilleWorks at Biscayne Bay Campus and La Focaccia, a café located on FIU’s campus.

Beyond food, students also receive one point for every $1 spent at Barnes & Noble and Recharge U, as well as two points for every dollar spent at Santi’s Hair & Nail Salon, Ricoh and Golden Touch Barbershop.

The largest reward point haul is given to those students who choose to link their FIU One Card with Wells Fargo. This is a one-time point offering worth 25 reward points.

There are six reward levels, ranging from 750 points at level one, up to 5000 points at level six. Each level has a set prize reward:

  • Level 1 (750+ points): Gold tote bag with towel and customized FIU Panther ear buds.
  • Level 2 (1,000+ points): Choice of $25 PantherDining gift card for on campus dining or a Barnes and Noble gift card.
  • Level 3 (1,500+ points): Choice of $50 PantherDining or Barnes and Noble gift card.
  • Level 4 (2,500+ points): iHome iBT4 Boombox.
  • Level 5 (5,000+ points): Choice of either a 32GB iPad Mini or 32GB Windows Surface tablet.

In cases where purchased items are returned or refunded, the reward points earned from the purchases will be deducted from the student’s point balance. Students can redeem their rewards at the FIU One Card office by showing their card during their business hours. The points expire at the close of each academic year.

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