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Datastrip's DSVerify2D Becomes the First Portable ID Card Reader to Support HID iCLASS(TM) Contactless Smart Cards

CampusIDNews Staff   ||   Oct 03, 2003  ||   ,

Device Reads Smart Cards, Biometric Templates, 2D Bar Codes & More Simultaneously

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ – Datastrip announced today that it is

adding support for HID’s iCLASS 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology to
its DSVerify2D handheld ID card reader, becoming the first iCLASS-compatible
hardware device that can be used to perform identity verification services in
environments requiring a portable solution.

The 3.5-pound Datastrip reader can decode iCLASS access cards, biometric
templates that may be stored on the cards, and even two-dimensional bar codes
affixed to the cards’ surface in one step, while simultaneously matching a
live fingerprint or other biometric to the stored template for one-to-one
identity verification. Decoding and biometric matching can be completed in 4
seconds or less per user, depending on the matching algorithm.

Potential applications include trucking company docks, military bases, and
other manned physical access control points where there is no doorway to
accommodate a stationary reader. In cases where cardholders drive through the
checkpoint, the occupant will not even need to get out of the vehicle because
the Datastrip unit is both lightweight and wireless. The contactless iCLASS
smart card technology also eliminates the need to swipe the card through the
reader, reducing wear and tear on both the card and the unit.

The Datastrip reader can also be configured to operate with HID’s
proximity card technology, providing a portable decoding solution for the
millions of proximity-based access cards in circulation.

“Our channel partners are seeing a rising demand from their customers for
mobile identity verification, and the Datastrip DSVerify2D offers a solution
that is both robust and versatile,” said Mark Scaparro, Executive Vice
President of Sales and Marketing, HID Corporation. “With the ability to use
the Datastrip reader with our iCLASS cards, end users now have their choice of
stationary access control, portable access control, or both.”

“The addition of iCLASS contactless smart card technology to our
DSVerify2D reader broadens the suite of technologies we offer to expedite the
processing of identity documents in mobile environments,” said Charles Lynch
Jr., Datastrip Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “By integrating
multiple technologies in one compact unit, we are supplying the market with a
complete solution that is fast, accurate, and able to meet the decoding needs
of virtually any ID card application.”

The DSVerify2D can read contact and contactless smart chips, 2D bar codes,
and optical character recognition data found on access control cards,
passports, health cards, national ID cards, driver’s licenses and other
identity documents, and perform on-the-spot one-on-one fingerprint, facial
and/or iris verification at the same time.

The basic unit incorporates a high-speed 600 dpi color scanner for reading
passports and other identity documents, a built-in color LCD for display of
photographs and text, a contact smart card reader, an optical fingerprint
scanner that is used to match a live fingerprint with a fingerprint biometric,
and a PCMCIA slot that can be used for radio frequency ID cards. Optional
support for HID proximity, iCLASS or other contactless smart cards and/or
facial and iris recognition can be incorporated in the same form factor.

In addition to permitting identity verification by visual comparisons of
the cardholder and the card information, the DSVerify2D allows decoded
information and biometric templates to be sent wirelessly to a database for a
1:N search.

The product can be used as a standalone, off-line device, eliminating the
need for an external database as well as reducing costs and helping to protect
users’ privacy; or as part of a PC-based solution utilizing serial, USB and
PCMCIA interfaces. It can also run custom applications such as remote
fingerprint capture while supporting fingerprint matching from multiple AFIS
and biometric technology providers.

The integration of HID’s iCLASS technology on Datastrip’s DSVerify2D was
announced at the National Summit on Security that opened today in Washington,

About Datastrip

Datastrip is a leading provider of 2D bar code software, hardware and
biometric verification devices, including the 2D Superscript high-density bar
code Software Developers Kit (SDK); the DSVerify2D handheld integrated bar
code, smart card, passport and fingerprint reader; and the PCRead2D reader for
decoding 2D bar codes on a PC. Datastrip and its integration partners provide
total solutions for production of ID cards, passports, national ID cards,
driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, health cards, financial cards,
birth certificates and other identity documents, as well as biometric
verification systems. For more information, visit .

About HID

As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and
cards for the security industry, HID has shipped over 150 million credentials
to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency
identification (RFID) technology for physical access control. Proximity and
iCLASS technologies can be housed on the same credential and combined with
other technologies such as magnetic stripe, barcode, or contact smart chip
modules. This provides users the ability to leverage their investment in
existing systems while seamlessly upgrading to new technologies and adding new
applications. For increased security, users can add a photo ID or anti-
counterfeiting element such as a hologram or ultraviolet ink. HID’s experience
in developing card technologies enables them to play a critical role in the
evolution and adoption of contactless smart card technology used for
applications such as access control, IT secure authentication, digital cash,
the storage of biometric templates, and the storage and retrieval of critical
information. For more information on HID, visit their website at .

Contact: Chuck Lynch of Datastrip, +1-610-594-6130, [email protected]

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