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Campuses Implement On-Line Card Offices with Odyssey PCS and WebVTS

Ithaca, New York—The CBORD Group, Inc., a leading provider of campus card, cashless, and foodservice management systems for the College & University, Corporate, and Healthcare markets, today announced they are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive results they continue to receive from their College & University clients who have installed the CBORD/JSA WebVTS interface.

CBORD worked with JSA Technologies in Washington, DC to provide an interface that would permit Colleges and Universities to combine its Odyssey PCS Campus Card System with JSA’s WebVTS system. This interface gives students, and more importantly parents or relatives, the ability to make deposits on to cardholders’ accounts via the Internet right from the comfort of their room or home. Students with Internet access can instantly (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), make deposits, check balances, view and print up to 6 months of transaction history and report cards lost or stolen. WebVTS also simplifies payment procedures by automatically performing settlements and printing reports, which help card offices validate and track sales.

CBORD clients using the Odyssey PCS/WebVTS interface include SUNY-Fredonia, SUNY-Stony Brook, Syracuse University, Trinity University-San Antonio, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and the University of Saint Francis, among others. WebVTS is easy to use, and encourages increased deposits to cardholders’ accounts, allowing more funds for spending on campus. By providing a web based presence for campus card systems, CBORD and JSA have not only made life easier for students and their parents, but have also increased revenue opportunities for campuses.

JSA Technologies is part of CBORD’s growing list of Campus Elements™ Partners, a select group of companies providing solutions for higher education that allow CBORD clients to integrate multiple systems with the standard in Campus-Wide Card Systems, Odyssey PCS. A wider variety of card related applications allow CBORD customers to increase student services and create more opportunities for campus-wide system users to gather data, increase revenue, and support increased services across campus.

About JSA Technologies
JSA Technologies specializes in delivering secure transactions over the Internet. Providing hardened security solutions for a wide range of organizations from Fortune 1000 companies to leading colleges and universities, JSA is dedicated to ensuring the safe transfer of sensitive information and financial transactions over the Internet. To learn more about JSA Technologies, visit

About The CBORD Group, Inc.
CBORD was founded in 1975 to serve the needs of campus auxiliary services. With the introduction of its first campus card system in 1979, CBORD has grown to serve the largest installed base of campus card and cashless systems users across North America, with over 600 clients. CBORD’s Odyssey PCS• is its sixth generation campus card system and represents state-of-the-art network and internet-enabled privilege control services. CBORD’s Odyssey platform also provides integrated housing management solutions for universities as well as interfaced operations with industry-standard CBORD food management software. The CBORD Group, Inc. is headquartered in Ithaca, New York. Visit CBORD at

Media Contact:
Cindy McCall ([email protected])
Marketing Manager
Communicating Systems Division
The CBORD Group, Inc.
TEL 607 257 2410 · FAX 607 257 1902

The CBORD Group, Inc.
61 Brown Road
Ithaca, New York 14850

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