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Transact to discuss mobile credential experience in NACCU expo

Campus payments and transaction system provider, Transact, is presenting a free virtual expo to discuss mobile credentials. The “Enabling mobile credential driven experiences on your campus” event will be hosted by The National Association for Campus Card Users (NACCU) as part of the Association’s Virtual Expo Showcase series. Attendees of the event will learn how institutions can align their long-term vision for mobile credentials with a first-class student experience across both Apple and Android devices.

The event will take place Tuesday, June 15 at 1:00 p.m. ET and will be presented by Scott Dennison, Senior Director of Product Management at Transact. The event is free to attend for NACCU members, and registration is open now.

The first launch campuses rolled out Transact Mobile Credential nearly three years ago. In that time, much has taken shape with regards to the implementation and provisioning of mobile credentials. We caught up with Scott Dennison to discuss some of the topics to be covered in the upcoming virtual expo.

“Transact is noticing a consistent trend that most schools have at least a moderate level of interest in mobile credentials because students consistently state their expectation for a modern mobile first student experience,” explains Dennison. “Presenting an 18 year old with a mag stripe, or worse yet a brass key, is somewhat akin to handing them an AM radio.”

In addition to providing a secure, modern alternative to the campus card, Mobile Credentials have also been used as a branding and recruitment draw for incoming students.

“Mobile Credentials are helpful in creating a ‘wow’ factor with new students,” says Dennison. “One of our largest Mobile Credential clients has incoming freshmen test their mobile credential during orientation, and the reaction is consistently one of amazement.”

“We recommend using mobile credentials during prospective student tours and meetings,” adds Dennison. “Have the tour guide demonstrate it’s use during tours, and have the presenter mention it as a proof the university is working to create the modern experience expected by students.”

In the years since launch, mobile credentials have enjoyed positive feedback and adoption rates from students on participating campuses.

“Transact sees consistent proof of mobile credential interest by students in the form of extremely high adoption rates by incoming students,” adds Dennison. “Depending on school policy and marketing, it’s common for 80-90% of incoming students to immediately adopt the mobile credential.”

As more campuses move to mobile credential, the implementation process has been honed; meaning there may not be a better time than now to consider the move to mobile.

“Transact’s experience implementing mobile credentials on numerous campus helps shorten the implementation timeline by consulting prior to the sale on campus system interoperability,” explains Dennison. “Often campus can perform much of the necessary peripheral system upgrade work prior to mobile credential implementation.”

For more on Transact Mobile Credential, tune in for the “Enabling mobile credential driven experiences on your campus” virtual expo.

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