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Transact reveals new technology, food-service integrations for campuses

New ties with Starship delivery robots, Panasonic smart food lockers, Apex order pickup

Campus credential and payment solutions provider, Transact, has announced three new software integrations with food-service companies Apex Order Pickup Solutions, Panasonic, and Starship Technologies. The integrations mark a clear focus on technology based food-service additions to diversify Transact’s food order processing, adding both smart lockers and robot delivery options.

“Our team is dedicated to providing solutions for the rapidly evolving needs of college campuses,” says Transact Campus Vice President of Product Management Erica Bass. “These systems integrations will help mitigate overcrowding in some heavily trafficked parts of campus, provide students with additional food service options, and offer a safe delivery option for those who may need to isolate or quarantine. We are committed to putting the safety of students at the forefront of all our work at Transact.”

Starship robot delivery

Transact’s integration with Starship Technologies mobile app and robot delivery platform allows users to order from any restaurant or store that partners with Starship and deduct funds through Transact’s closed-loop payment system. Transact is currently installing systems for up to 10 colleges and universities.

New and existing Transact clients can easily enable robot delivery and the integration is already available on some campuses.

“While our robots were doing deliveries long before the pandemic began, they’ve never been so important as right now, making life a little bit easier, especially in settings like college campuses,” says Chris Neider, Senior Manager, Business Development, Starship. “The integration with Transact’s payment system makes ordering food that much easier for students – they can use funds they’ve already designated for campus spending.”

Panasonic smart food lockers

Transact also collaborated with Panasonic to develop a closed-loop payment integration with Panasonic’s Smart Food Locker solution. Higher education campuses that deploy Panasonic’s locker systems can benefit from streamlined food order pickup facilitated by a QR or pin code.

Panasonic’s contactless order and retrieval process allows students to receive their food without waiting in long lines or interacting with restaurant or dining hall staff. With heavy foot traffic around campus, Panasonic’s Smart Food Lockers provide an alternative solution to reduce crowding during peak times when social distancing is a top priority.

“Campus life is increasingly busy and colleges and universities are turning to solutions to help students streamline their days,” says Eric Symon, Vice President of the Enterprise Process Innovation Center, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. “Integrating Transact’s payment solution with Panasonic’s Smart Food Lockers enables students to order and pick up their food at their convenience.”

“Our Food Smart Lockers host enclosed and temperature-controlled environments to help reduce cross contamination for certain allergies and dietary restrictions while keeping food at peak freshness – hot or cold,” adds Symon. “We’re excited to work with Transact to offer this streamlined dining solution to students so that they can spend more time experiencing the important parts of campus life.”

Apex Order Pickup

Transact’s third agreement is a closed-loop payment integration with Apex Order Pickup Solutions. As with all three integrations, Apex Order Pickup enables students to use their campus card funds to make purchases through the vendor’s system or app.

“Colleges and universities continue to turn to Apex for guidance on how to offer streamlined, contactless pickup solutions that fit their specific campus needs,” says Mike Rizzo, Chief Growth Officer for Apex Order Pickup Solutions. “We believe our innovative solution paired with Transact’s payment capabilities, gives students fast, digital options that not only will outlast the pandemic environment, but also will better position campuses to serve their communities in a more seamless way in the future.”

All three software integrations promise to add convenience, as well as new boost secure by keeping payment information private and ensuring that purchases are delivered to the intended recipient.

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