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Tag: Logical Security

Australian National University to swap passwords for biometrics

The Australian National University will move away from passwords and usernames when accessing campus systems, and will instead turn to biometrics for secure logins. The new biometric token system will be used by all of the university's students and staff.

Transact completes annual PCI compliance assessment

Transact, credential and payment solutions provide for higher education campuses, has completed the annual SOC 2 Type 2 examination, PCI DSS assessment, and penetration tests.

Illinois North Central College adds BIO-key’s PortalGuard platform

Illinois North Central College has implemented secure multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to its campus-wide applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Blackboard, and Ellucian Colleague. The college has turned to BIO-key International and its PortalGuard Identity-as-a-Solution platform.

U. of Denver chooses BIO-key for identity and access management

The University of Denver is implementing a new identity and access management (IAM) system for student and faculty access to university portals and applications. Denver has chosen BIO-key International's PortalGuard IAM platform, featuring Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB) technology.

Isolated data breaches leave student, university files vulnerable

A series of unrelated data breaches and cyberattacks have cropped up at universities across the country in recent weeks. University databases are always a prime target for hackers and would-be fraudsters, and a few recent incidents are serving as a reminder of the value that university databases hold. Here's a brief rundown of a few cyberattacks that have taken place at the University of Colorado, Brown University and the University of Maryland.

Transact reveals its Distinction Award winners

Integrated campus payment, ID and commerce solutions provider, Transact, has revealed the winners of its Transact 360 Distinction Awards. Announced live during a virtual Transact 360 Annual Users Conference, the annual awards honor those institutions that display a passion for leveraging technology to improve the campus and student experiences.

Oregon students to use two-factor authentication when accessing university accounts

The University of Oregon is extending the use of the two-factor login platform, Duo, to secure their Duck ID student accounts. Duo has previously been required for all UO faculty, staff and graduate employees, but this latest expansion now requires all students to leverage the service as well.

Oregon boosting student cybersecurity with two-factor authentication

The University of Oregon is implementing a number of measures designed to boost digital security for students, including the addition of two-factor authentication for a number of campus services. The added layer of login security will be used for many of the campus services that students already log into with their Duck ID credentials.

Wireless access control on university campuses

The evolution from mechanical, to wired, to wireless continues to impact the security industry, and higher education campuses are among the environments benefiting from the flexibility and efficiencies wireless solutions offer. While wired and mechanical solutions have their place on campus, wireless electronic locks complement these to expand the value of electronic security to more openings. To understand this value, Allegion's Jeff Koziol explores the advantages of wireless in depth.

Transforming campus access control with cloud technologies

Cloud technologies are giving people access through their mobile phones and other devices to a variety of new experiences, while making their environments smarter and more data-driven. The modern campus is now undergoing unprecedented change with the advent of identity- and location-aware building systems, virtual assistants, and “personal IoT” solutions that recognize people and customize how they access buildings and the services and resources they need.
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