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NACCU Blog: Making the NACCU Listserv the best it can be

Andrew Hudson   ||   Apr 08, 2022  ||   

In a recent entry to NACCU's Positive IDentity blog, Jessica Bender discusses the Association's Listserv and the value it provides to NACCU members. Acting as an extension to the networking opportunities already provided by Association events, the Listserv offers members a means to connect virtually and share experiences and tips for fellow campus card professionals.

Writing for the NACCU Positive IDentity blog, Bender says:

"The one resource that always jumps to my mind when I am talking to new or potential NACCU members is the NACCU Listserv. I can’t even count on both hands how many times I have gotten an answer to a question or help with a project simply by posting a question on the Listserv."

The NACCU Listserv plays home to a number of dedicated posters who are always willing to assist their peers. It's even common to receive an answer or suggestion within minutes of posting a question, says Bender.

"Just this week I was struggling with a new card design and asked a question about the printer capabilities and I had an answer within a few minutes," she adds. "While it wasn’t the answer I had hoped for, it saved me from spending hours trying to test something that wasn’t likely to work anyway."

The Listserv provides a forum for the full range of transaction system questions. NACCU members can find answers to queries ranging from best type of card stock, to job descriptions, to how to create a policy or procedure.

Despite all its benefits, the NACCU Listserv does have its rare pain points.

"We all want to send good wishes to someone who may be leaving NACCU due to a job change or retirement; however, I am sure I am not alone in the thought that I could really stand to not see everyone else sending that person a message that says, 'Good luck or I’ll miss you,'" says Bender.

"Think about the last time you saw a topic heating up the Listserv and someone offered to host a Zoom call and you saw a “million” (I may be exaggerating) responses for everyone who wanted to be included," she adds. "I have to admit this was a little annoying."

Along with the NACCU staff, Bender and the Association have posted new etiquette tips for the Listserv on the NACCU Website.

Bender highlights some examples of replies sent to the entire Listserv in the past that all generate individual email notifications:

  • “Thanks.”
  • “Thanks. Hope you are well. All the best.”
  • “Yes” or “No, unfortunately.”
  • “I would also.”
  • “I would like more information. Could you email me directly?”
  • “Welcome! (Response to someone introducing themselves as a new subscriber).

"In the past, some subscribers have received 30-40 emails that say 'I would also' as part of a single email chain that doesn’t apply to them," says Bender. "Those subscribers then decide to unsubscribe from the Listserv. The goal is to increase Listserv activity that benefits all members, while reducing the email clutter."

"Before responding, ask yourself whether the email benefits everyone on the Listserv or just an individual," says Bender.

Clutter and clogged inboxes aside, the Listserv remains a key resource for the entire NACCU member community. Bender encourages everyone to get involved and utilize the expertise of fellow NACCU peers, and to offer your own insights as well.

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