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ITC Systems adds netZtouch technology to PaperCut

The College of New Jersey will be installing 14 netZtouch copy/print release terminals from ITC Systems this summer, with the new installations featuring compatibility with PaperCut.

The Australia-based PaperCut provides printer software that enables customers to control and manage their printing operations. A provider of PaperCut in North America, ITC developed the netZtouch to improve printing operations for customers, and in the case of The College of New Jersey, there was a need for a more sophisticated and customized solution for daily printing operations.

The college will be able to retain their existing fleet of photocopiers and multi-function devices that would otherwise not have been able to support this software. The existing print/copy system supports 10,000 people, a number that the college expects to remain constant for the foreseeable future.

ITC worked closely with PaperCut as it was developing the netZtouch to ensure the product was in complete compliance with all standards and requirements. As a result, the netZtouch has been fully certified by PaperCut.

“NetZtouch replaces the PC release station that is commonly used at many colleges and universities today,” says Robyn Ross, director of sales at ITC Systems. “It requires very little space and very little power and because it permits users to log in to their account while standing at the printer, users can securely control the release of the jobs they wish to print, in the order they choose.”

The netZtouch features an anti-glare touch screen, can be mounted on a stand or a wall, or be attached directly to the multi-function printer or similar device.

The switch to netZtouch enables The College of New Jersey to streamline their reporting systems and glean more complete data on student and staff printing and copying patterns.

To accompany the new hardware, there is also a PaperCut desktop app that enables users to track how much they’re printing and determine if they are above or below the average for their organization. The app also tracks the amount of carbon dioxide a customer is generating with their print jobs, as well as the amount of energy and number of trees they “consume” through their printing and photocopying system.

The system can also help to alleviate a university’s carbon footprint by prompting jobs over a specific number of pages to be printed double sided or re-routed to a high-volume printer to optimize resources.

The College of New Jersey project marks the largest installation of netZtouch units to date, and ITC personnel will assist with data export, as well as provide full training for college staff throughout the transition.

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