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From the Director’s chair: Technology extends boundaries for auxiliaries

By Ron Campbell, CEO, NACAS

As an Association Executive, I meet a number of business leaders who believe their products can enhance services, support student outcomes and even expand revenue opportunities. I have also witnessed numerous innovations that have forced college administrators to re-think solutions and business relationships.

These companies and their emerging products should not be overlooked because of their lack of market share, but rather they should be embraced. In 2014, I visited many NACAS member institutions that were celebrating these partnerships, which delivered technology to address their operational challenges.

The boundaries in 2015 will be defined by how far you are willing to creatively expand the use of technology for your organization or institution.

But how do we identify partners, technologies and services prudently?

I believe that industry associations can, and should, play a key role. We have a tremendous responsibility to seek opportunities that provide learning and exposure for our members.

Associations will be tested as they seek out partnerships that deliver information and share new knowledge to support their membership. We must encourage the crossing of lines, and show by example that our association landscape is not a battlefield for membership, but rather that our member institutions are a landscape to be shared with one common purpose in mind – student outcomes.

NACAS has taken on the challenge of innovation.

We have partnered with CR80News in a very unique way to provide information to our membership. This information is critical to the work that our members are responsible for as it relates to campus services, campus identity and campus cards.

We are also collaborating with key business partners to host educational programs on campuses and extending a free invite to all who are willing to learn.

Finally, we are seeking out partnerships with other associations that allow our members the opportunity look at their institutional landscape with colleagues where mutual cooperation is plays a central role.

I am excited about 2015 and I look forward to learning more from our friends at CR80News and the spotlight that they shine on our institutions and business partners. In future issues, this column will allow our Auxiliary Service leaders to share ideas about how the student ID extends throughout the campus enterprise and across auxiliaries. Here’s to a great year filled with new ideas and innovations. 

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