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Digital ID adds 10 new products and important new security features

German printer manufacturer Digital Identification Solutions has added a series of new products and a major new security initiative to its line of card printers. In addition to 10 new products, the secuirty additions include three important changes: Security Erase to eliminate the remnant data from the black panel of the printer ribbon, IPSEC for encrypted data transfer in the network, and UV printing for invisible security printing.

New Security Features Available with the EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Retransfer Printer Family

Stuttgart, Germany, 18 September 2007 – Digital Identification Solutions AG (A0JELZ), a worldwide leader of identification solutions, has announced a number of new security features for the EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Printer Series, unveiled during the company’s most comprehensive product launch program since its foundation, involving a total of 10 new products.

The German-based Digital Identification Solutions Group has set up the new EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Printer Series with a variety of security features, helping to secure the customer’s application and cards from counterfeiting and to avoid misuse of personal information. All printers are equipped with the new security features Security Erase and IPSEC, the two models XID 580ie and XID 590ie possess in addition a revolutionary dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon for printing invisible information on demand, as well as creating monochrome photographs with a special dithering technology, which provides for high quality black & white images, e.g. on the rear side of a card.

Security Erase of printed black data on used supplies helps to protect from misuse of printed personal information. Immediately after card printing all remaining information on the K-Panel of the ink ribbon is erased, so that the personal information cannot be reconstructed out of the used supply. The printed information is not readable any more from the K-Panel. This feature increases the security enormously, especially in environments without secure disposal of used supplies.

IPSEC allows encrypted data transfer through the network. IPSEC (IP security) is a suite of protocols for securing network and internet protocol communications by authenticating and encrypting each IP packet in a data stream. A big advantage of IPSEC is that security arrangements can be handled without requiring changes to individual user computers. It also includes protocols for cryptographic key establishment.

The new security feature UV Dye-Sublimation Ink enables the utilization of “on demand pictorial printing” of invisible photographs, logos, emblems, symbols, coats of arms and even variable text. This revolutionary UV printing technology allows finest tone scale reproduction for personalization of invisible photographs of highest quality. The printed UV information is not visible to the naked eye, but can be verified easily by using a UV light source. It is therefore a fantastic and attractive security feature for corporate and government clients.

The monochrome dithering process allows customers to print high quality black & white photographs even on the rear side of a card, without the need to use another set of YMC color fields. Therefore the security of a card can be increased in on the rear side without increasing the printing costs.

The group will introduce the new program to the public at more than 17 international trade fairs, exhibitions, VIP events and web-casts within the next 3 months, therefore reaching all customers around the globe. Further details about the security features available with the new EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Retransfer Printer Family are available on the company’s website

About Digital Identification Solutions

The Digital Identification Solutions Group is a global provider of advanced identification solutions with a worldwide installed base of more than 5,000 systems. In September 2007 the Group has introduced the latest EDIsecure® XID 5xxie Retransfer Printer generation successfully into the world market. The company has sales, marketing and support operations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Mexico and the United States. Together with its vast network of certified partners, Digital Identification Solutions is in a position to deliver state-of-the-art solutions virtually anywhere in the world. The company combines cutting-edge technology, extensive industry know-how and an impressive array of references in the private and public sector.

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