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CR80News is now CampusIDNews!

To borrow from Greek philosophy, the only constant in life is change. Our publication is no different, and the time for change has arrived – in name, anyway. After 20 years serving the higher ed community, CR80News is now CampusIDNews!

But why the change?

The campus card industry has changed significantly since its inception, and in recent years, it has undergone some drastic evolutions. And with it, so too has our publication and topics we explore.

First, let’s clear the air on “CR80.” CR80 refers to the old industry spec and standard size for drivers licenses, bank cards, library cards, key cards, campus cards and the like.

At the time that CR80News was coined, nearly every transaction we conducted was touching the card in some way. And in the university space, we saw the shift to the one-card concept that’s now become the industry standard.

But in an industry where all the credentials mentioned above are now routinely stored on a mobile device, incorporate biometrics, and extend into the digital identity realm, “CR80” doesn’t seem as all-encompassing as it once was. It’s been a while since we covered just card technology.

Over time, our industry has transcended the traditional CR80 card, folding in more advanced solutions like biometrics, smartphones, wearables, software applications, and more. We constantly see new solutions for legacy challenges. And while the plastic card is still a core component to many of these challenges, it’s clear that our industry isn’t afraid to look beyond the card for a solution.

And to that end, it’s not just technology that has changed over time. The people who make this industry run have also evolved. Their challenges have changed. New demands have been added to the old.

Campus card professionals are being tasked with responsibilities that fall well beyond the purview of the traditional card office environment from CR80News’ early days. New challenges are being placed on our card office professionals to meet the demands of a contemporary student population who expect solutions more modern than the plastic credential.

Your industry publication should reflect this evolution, as well.

CampusIDNews is a departure in name, but the coverage and focus of our content will remain. The campus identification and transaction system industry is one that we’re proud to serve, and it’s time that our name reflects our coverage of the wide range of campus identification and transaction technology.

As always, we look forward to sharing news about your industry. We hope you continue to enjoy the publication and engage with us as we navigate future waves of change in our industry, whatever they may be.


Andrew Hudson, Editor and Chris Corum, Publisher

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