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CR80Chats: Talking mobile ordering with Ben Anderson, Grubhub Campus

In this edition of CR80Chats, we kick off our Technology and the Evolution of Campus Dining series with Grubhub by discussing all things mobile ordering with Grubhub Campus’ Head of Industry Relations, Ben Anderson. Mobile ordering has cemented itself as a must-have service for modern students, but with new challenges posed in 2020 along with a pandemic, Grubhub Campus and its services have taken on new meaning.

We discuss the full range of mobile ordering use cases and how the technology has evolved over its lifespan to match the ever changing expectations of the student experience on campus.

This interview is the first of a 6-part video series with Grubhub Campus and its clients from both the university space and other verticals. The series will delve into the technology underpinning modern dining, and provide a candid look at how campuses can maximize mobile ordering both today and in the future.

The mobile ordering landscape (4:02)

An intro to mobile ordering and the evolution of the technology and offerings over the past decade in closed ecosystems like university campuses, healthcare, stadiums, and more.

Ghost kitchens (7:10)

A newly coined term to describe delivery only food locations, hear how to maximize the use of ghost kitchen facilities to serve more than just the standard food options, locations and hours.

Next-gen POS (11:29)

Hear about ways to improve throughput at the cashier by changing the traditional bottleneck — the point of sale — with self-service kiosks, mobile ordering, and flexible payment options.

Meal plans (14:34)

Maximizing the value of meal plans is a vital aspect of mobile ordering for on-campus students. Hear about the role of meal plans in mobile ordering and ways campuses can leverage them to adjust and better serve students’ current needs.

Delivery (16:45)

Students are turning to food delivery on their own away from campus, and universities are recognizing this reality and the need to implement delivery for campus commerce. Hear why dining operators should take advantage of their proximity, meal plans, and established relationships with students to introduce delivery.

COVID (20:38)

Following COVID, it’s estimated that 50-75% of the changes made by campus food services to meet the challenges of the pandemic will be permanent. A three or five year technology plan may not be relevant anymore.

Mobile ordering in the year 2025 (24:50)

Taking a look forward in time at where mobile ordering in the university campus space is headed.

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