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Valley City State University issues mobile credential

Valley City State University has launched its Viking Mobile ID for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android smarthones. Students can now use their mobile credential on campus to make payments and access university buildings.

CR80News is now CampusIDNews!

To borrow from Greek philosophy, the only constant in life is change. Our publication is no different, and the time for change has arrived – in name, anyway. After 20 years serving the higher ed community, CR80News is now CampusIDNews!

NACCU announces new Board President, Board of Directors

The National Association of Campus Card Users recently announced its newly appointed Board President and Board members for the coming year at the 25th Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada. In addition to saying goodbye to retiring board members, the Association is proud to welcome all of its new appointees.

Blackboard acquires Sequoia Retail Systems

Blackboard has acquired point-of-sale manufacturer Sequoia Retail Systems, a provider of comprehensive POS solutions for educational institutions. The move will bring new dining, retail and bookstore POS and inventory/operations management capabilities to Blackboard Transact, the education technology company’s campus ID, transaction, security and financial solutions arm.

Johns Hopkins, LSU seeking new staff members

Johns Hopkins and Louisiana State Univeristy have posted new job listings for housing/dining and auxiliary services. Johns Hopkins is seeking an Associate Dean of housing, dining, residential life and conference services, while LSU has posted a listing for a Director of Technology whose responsibilities partially coincide with the Tiger Card Office.

After 30 years, campus card admin plots retirement

Tony Warner has served East Tennessee State University for 30 years. Now, Warner has planned his retirement as the assistant vice president for student affairs, university center and campus ID services in the coming fall semester.

CBORD’s 7 reasons to upgrade to CS Gold 7

CBORD recently launched version 7 of its CS Gold modular ID card system, which adds a host of new features. To help get the word out, the company has released a series of informative videos that covers the new features in greater detail.

Austin police bust fake ID ring

Fake ID use is a recurring story on college campuses nationwide. Now, a fake ID ring in Austin, near the University of Texas campus, has been busted by police. The value of the operation has an estimated worth of $70,000, with numerous pieces of card manufacturing equipment seized.

Student ‘hacks’ campus card for final project

A student at Oklahoma State used his final project in an information security class to decipher and duplicate the university's student ID card. The student used a mag stripe reader/writer purchased online and a university web portal to decipher the card numbering system.

University devotes part of dorm to gender-neutral living

One University of Missouri dorm will convert some of its rooms to gender-neutral living for students identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming. The program marks the university's intent to make living on campus as comfortable and accepting as possible for all students.


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