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Auburn launches mobile credential for iPhone, Apple Watch, Android devices

Auburn University is now provisioning an NFC mobile credential to students faculty and staff for use on iPhone and Watch, as well as on Android devices. The university is enabling the campus community to use their new Tiger Card mobile ID to access campus buildings, purchase meals and more.

The campus-issued mobile credential adds a level of convenience and accessibility, and will be accepted everywhere the plastic ID card is used, both on and off campus. Once provisioned, users simply present an iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone to an NFC-enabled reader to pay for food, vending or laundry or to access both exterior and interior doors at campus buildings and residence halls.

“We’re thrilled to launch contactless technology at Auburn this fall,” says Bobby R. Woodard, senior vice president for Student Affairs at Auburn University. “It’s something our students have wanted, and we have worked hard to bring the safest, most secure and most convenient method of accessing buildings and services to campus.”

Auburn worked with campus transaction system provider, CBORD, as well as the access and security provider, Allegion, to deliver the mobile credential initiative.

“At Auburn, we strive to bring the best technologies to our students, and now we bring a sea change to our identity solution with the mobile credential project,” says Kevin Watson, director of Student Affairs Technology at Auburn University. “We’re certain our students will appreciate a quicker and safer way to use the Tiger Card from their phones as the program rolls out this fall.“

In addition to providing convenient access to campus card activity, mobile credentials can also be instantly and remotely issued, revoked or reactivated, offering an added level of control and fraud protection for the university. The mobile credentials can also be distributed remotely on a self-service basis with control still being maintained by the campus, eliminating the need for in-person visits and long lines at a campus card office.

“We’re excited to expand the use of mobile credentials to more higher education institutions during the 2021-22 academic year,” says Jim Hoefflin, CBORD president.

“Our team has worked diligently with Auburn over the last several months to prepare for a fall semester rollout of mobile student IDs,” adds Hoefflin. “CBORD will continue to work with them as this technology is adopted on campus by students, faculty and staff, as well with other university partners working to launch mobile credentials later this year.”

Further assistance on the install at Auburn came from Allegion, who is providing reader hardware and access control expertise.

“The campus card — whether it be traditional plastic or mobile — is the nucleus of a student’s daily routine,” says Jeff Koziol, PACS business development consultant at Allegion. “Auburn University’s upgrade to mobile credentials enhances the student experience with the various Schlage readers on campus, while providing a touchless scenario when interacting with the readers that is important during pandemic times.”

Tiger Card holders can currently access the new mobile campus ID by following the step-by-step instructions for the mobile credential provisioning process.

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