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Northern Arizona adds JacksCard mobile credential for Android

TouchNet OneCard Mobile ID now available on Android devices

Card transaction and payments system provider, TouchNet, is now offering mobile credential for Android smartphones. The addition of Android device support follows a successful rollout of mobile student IDs in Apple Wallet at Northern Arizona University. NAU will now launch its JacksCard on Android ahead of the Fall semester through TouchNet’s OneCard Mobile ID.

NAU students can use Android mobile devices to complete any action they would previously complete with their physical JacksCard – access to dorms, buildings, libraries, dining, purchases at bookstores, purchase tickets, entry to events, and more. This new offering is made possible through integrations between TouchNet OneCard Mobile ID and the NAUgo app, powered by ModoLabs.

To implement mobile ID, an institution needs a mobile app that connects with campus transaction system.

“As a TouchNet Advanced Partner, ModoLabs’ mobile apps integrate into our OneCard Campus ID solution to validate and deliver mobile IDs for students and staff,” explains Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy at TouchNet.

“Whether a campus has an existing app, or needs an app, TouchNet has a solution,” says Audus. “For campuses without an existing app, TouchNet’s 360u mobile app can serve as the single point of access for students, allowing them to tap their phone for access, events, payments and more.”

NAU serves a combined student population of nearly 30,000 at its Flagstaff campus, statewide and online.

“We’re excited to partner with TouchNet and ModoLabs to add Android users to our digital credential capabilities,” says Dr. Steve Burrell, Chief Information Officer at Northern Arizona University. “Our partners shared in our sense of urgency to create digital equity and extend these high-demand state-of-the-art capabilities to all of our students, faculty, and staff.”

TouchNet’s OneCard Mobile ID for Android is available through either a school’s existing mobile app (such as the NAUgo app) or TouchNet’s 360u mobile app which streamlines the experience for all users.

Additionally, OneCard Mobile ID offers more secure transactions that protect users’ data, better on campus security through improved access management, as well as advanced reporting in regards to student activities, payments, and point-of-sale transactions through an aggregated method that also protects each user’s privacy.

Beyond digital and physical security, mobile student IDs encourage more contactless transactions and help provide additional peace of mind as students, faculty, staff, and visitors come back to campus.

“The addition of mobile ID for Android is an important step to creating a truly contactless campus,” says Adam McDonald, President of TouchNet. “With our Android solution in place, we now offer mobile student IDs for nearly every student, helping to close the digital divide and deliver the experience students have come to expect on campus.”

OneCard Mobile ID for Android works wherever the physical campus ID is accepted and is available to all OneCard schools. The provisioning of mobile student IDs on Android devices is a big step forward for TouchNet’s mobile ID offering.

“As with any campus ID program, integration is key. We are fortunate to work with a lot of great partners that all share our intention to bring a mobile-first experience to students,” says Audus. “Adding mobile ID for Android is an important step for our clients and for TouchNet in our commitment to bridge the digital divide.”

With a forward thinking attitude for campus credential technology, Northern Arizona made for a perfect launch partner for TouchNet’s Android offering.

“NAU has been a tremendous partner as we rolled out our OneCard Mobile ID solution,” says Audus. “As an organization, NAU is continually looking for ways to improve the campus experience and pushing the envelope with innovative technology solutions. It’s been a pleasure working with a team that says, ‘Yes, how can we make this happen?'”

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