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February 28, 2024 /

Cal Poly pilots reusable dining containers to curb waste

Students at Cal Poly have been pushing for green initiatives on the San Luis Obispo campus, and dining services is listening. A new pilot program will test reusable containers in an effort to reduce waste from disposable take-out boxes. “The...
Notre Dame dining hall
February 2, 2024 / ,

Notre Dame, Grubhub provide students with comprehensive dining experience

There’s never been a better time to be a University of Notre Dame student with a healthy appetite. Thanks to a partnership with mobile ordering and food delivery platform, Grubhub, Notre Dame has forged a dining services program that offers...
Grubhub mobile app
January 25, 2024 /

Webinar explores how mobile ordering enhanced campus life, increased sales at UVA and Central Washington

Both the University of Virginia and Central Washington University have experienced a variety of benefits since implementing mobile ordering with partner’s CBORD and Grubhub. On Thursday, Feb. 1 from 2-3 EST, you can listen in as a panel explores the...
Grubhub Delivery report 2023
December 14, 2023 /

Grubhub reveals the most-ordered foods for students and diners in 2023

It is called the 2023 Delivered report and it synthesizes data from literally millions of orders from diners across the U.S. It is arguably one of the best views into current food and beverage trends. Campuses should take this data...
Drake University ID card
December 14, 2023 / ,

Mobile ID coming to Drake University

This spring a campus-wide rollout of mobile credentials is planned for Iowa’s Drake University. The incoming first-year class will be the first not to receive a physical card. Drake’s existing campus card partner Transact is providing the mobile credential technology....
Robot delivery at Notre Dame
October 18, 2023 / ,

Notre Dame ghost kitchen offers late night eats exclusively by robot delivery

On campus residents at Notre Dame looking for late night dining no longer have to leave campus or order takeout delivery. Campus Dining’s latest concept combines three of the hottest tech trends in dining – ghost kitchens, mobile ordering, and...
Grubhub self-ordering kiosks
October 3, 2023 /

Revamped Grubhub kiosk streamlines workflows, improves student experience

Grubhub has revealed a new kiosk model that supports the full range of customer order types in high-volume environments. The updated kiosk ordering platform offers campuses an all-in-one, self-ordering experience that enables a dining location to streamline the ordering process...
Grubhub Just Walk Out solution
August 31, 2023 / , ,

Loyola Maryland students use cashier-less shopping via Grubhub

At a convenience store at Loyola University of Maryland, students are grabbing items and walking out of the store without checking out, scanning items at a POS, or seeing a cashier. Using Grubhub and Amazon’s Just Walk Out technologies, artificial...
Grubhub Temple University
August 18, 2023 /

Temple upgrades campus dining with new Grubhub tech

For the fall semester kickoff, Temple University is adding new technology from Grubhub to several on-campus dining locations. The new solution integrates all restaurant ordering channels into a single platform, streamlining workflows for staff and upping convenience for diners. According...
University of Houston Cougar Card
August 3, 2023 / , ,

University of Houston launches new transaction system with Atrium and Agilysys

To power its new campus transaction solution, the University of Houston system selected campus card provider Atrium and point-of-sale provider Agilysys. The new system serves each of the Houston system’s four separate campuses. "Atrium and Agilysys help us run our...
May 17, 2023 / ,

Grubhub offers universities reusable containers via

Reusable containers have grown in popularity on campuses nationwide in recent years, bringing a sustainable alternative to the often wasteful business of single-use boxes. Now, one of the largest providers of mobile ordering solutions for higher education, Grubhub, has entered...
April 16, 2023 / ,

Shenandoah University adds Kiwibot robot delivery

Shenandoah University is the latest institution to bring robot delivery to campus, selecting Kiwibot to be its provider. The Kiwibot initiative is being provided in partnership with Shenandoah's food-service provider, Sodexo, and will see the semi-autonomous robots pick up and...
March 31, 2023 / ,

Grubhub, Transact Campus reveal integrated mobile ordering solution

Grubhub and mobile credential and payment solutions provider, Transact Campus have partnered to integrate Grubhub's Marketplace into Transact Mobile Ordering. The deal will enable students on Transact campuses to order from off-campus restaurants through the Grubhub Marketplace using their campus...
February 7, 2023 / ,

Drake University maximizing off-campus program with Grubhub

Drake University’s fledgling off-campus program started in October of 2020, and it quickly became evident that mobile ordering would be a valuable addition. Grubhub joined the Drake CampusCash program just one short year later in October of 2021, and the...
February 2, 2023 / ,

East Carolina adds robot delivery with Grubhub, Starship

East Carolina University has joined the growing list of institutions to deploy robot delivery, partnering with Grubhub and Starship Technologies to provide the service. All students, faculty and staff at East Carolina University are able to leverage robot delivery from...
January 26, 2023 / ,

Baylor adds Starship robot delivery

Baylor University has added robot delivery from Starship Technologies to its dining services offerings with the help of Grubhub. The initiative will see Baylor deploy a fleet of 20 delivery robots on the Waco, TX campus.
January 25, 2023 / , ,

Grubhub, partner for reusable takeout container initiative

Grubhub has partnered with reusable packaging management platform,, announced to provide an integrated takeout container management service on college campuses. The partnership will bring's ReusePass program to universities across the United States, starting first with Ohio State University...
January 6, 2023 / ,

Best practices for mobile ordering on campus

Universities continue to modernize campus dining with mobile ordering and other tech solutions, and when done right, it brings a host of benefits to operators and patrons. But it’s more than just offering food menus and deliveries via student, staff...
GH Kiwibot
December 9, 2022 / ,

Grubhub, Kiwibot partnership brings robot delivery to U. of North Dakota

Grubhub has partnered with robot delivery provider, Kiwibot, with the University of North Dakota marking the pair's first campus client. The partnership will provide robot delivery services on college campuses across the United States going forward.
October 14, 2022 / ,

Temple U. catapults stored value program with mobile ordering

Temple University has a robust off-campus program, bolstered by a partnership with Grubhub, that enables students to use their campus card to pay for orders on the company’s platform. The partnership has taken off since its inception at the start...
Apex EXTlocker
September 21, 2022 / ,

Apex Order Pickup adds exterior smart locker solution

Apex Order Pickup Solutions has unveiled a new, exterior smart locker solution. The OrderHQ Exterior is designed to provide pickup in less than 10 seconds through the exterior wall of a restaurant, while employees load orders from inside.
video background futureofcampusdining holden
September 2, 2022 / ,

CampusIDChat: Mobile ordering & modern dining

Campus auxiliary service expert, Robert Holden discusses the technology that is shaping university dining and retail services. Listen along as Holden talks about his time at the University of Georgia and how mobile ordering with Grubhub evolved dining service on...
Cartken Grubhub
June 16, 2022 / ,

Grubhub partners with Cartken for robot delivery

Mobile food-ordering and delivery platform, Grubhub has partnered with Cartken, a technology startup that specializes in self-driving, AI-powered robotics and delivery operations, to bring robot delivery to college campuses. The new delivery partnership was piloted at Ohio State University this...
Grubhub Arizona
June 7, 2022 / , ,

U. of Arizona, Grubhub create modern, convenient student dining experience

The trend in university dining services is undeniably one toward technology, with mobile ordering, delivery robots, pick-up lockers and self-service kiosks all playing a role in campus dining. One of the most technology-driven dining experiences could be that of the...
Arizona dining
March 24, 2022 / ,

Arizona revamps campus dining with Grubhub

The University of Arizona has implemented some new and exciting solutions into its campus dining services, bolstered by a partnership with mobile ordering platform Grubhub. The partnership has brought the full slate of modern campus dining solutions including mobile ordering,...
Grubhub mercer
February 18, 2022 / ,

Mercer, Grubhub offer free delivery, more food options

Mercer University has partnered with Grubhub to offer students, faculty and staff access to unlimited free delivery with Grubhub through their Bear Bucks campus account. The partnership enables students and employees to use their Bear Bucks stored value accounts to...
January 14, 2022 / ,

Wayne State aims for cashless dining services

Wayne State University is continuing its move away from cash transactions in campus dining. The university's initial push toward a cashless dining experience began with the onset of the pandemic and the trend of retail businesses moving away from cash-based...
Grubhub Arizona
December 10, 2021 / ,

Grubhub brings delivery robots to U. of Arizona

Mobile food-ordering and delivery platform, Grubhub recently deployed a fleet of Yandex Self-Driving Group's delivery robots on the campus of the University of Arizona. The deployment marks the second campus client to sign on with the Grubhub-Yandex robot delivery partnership...
August 23, 2021 / ,

Sodexo partners with Kiwibot for campus robot delivery

Food service provider, Sodexo is partnering with robot delivery startup, Kiwibot, to deploy the tech company's autonomous robots on college campuses. The partnership has already seen Kiwibots deployed for on-campus delivery at New Mexico State University, Loyola Marymount University and...
GH Yandex
August 19, 2021 / ,

Grubhub, Yandex SDG deploy robot delivery at Ohio State

Grubhub and autonomous vehicle developer, Yandex Self-Driving Group (SDG) will deploy robot delivery at The Ohio State University. The deployment at Ohio State marks the first university venture for the recently announced partnership between the two companies, and will provide...
Grubhub Transact
August 17, 2021 / , ,

Grubhub, Transact partner to expand off-campus programs for universities

Grubhub has partnered with Transact Campus to include Grubhub's more than 300,000 restaurants nationwide in Transact’s off-campus merchant program, CampusCash. The partnership will extend Grubhub’s restaurant network to Transact’s CampusCash program and is expected to enable broader student spending off...
CR80Chats GH Casey
August 9, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: Mobile ordering at the Cincinnati Children's Hopsital Medical Center

In the sixth and final episode of our Technology and the Evolution of Campus Dining series with Grubhub, we speak with Casey Witherow, Food Service Retail Manager at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center about how Grubhub mobile ordering is redefining food...
CR80Chats AngeloMojica 1
July 30, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: Angelo Mojica, Johns Hopkins Health System

In episode five of our Technology and the Evolution of Campus Dining series with Grubhub, we speak with Dr. Angelo Mojica, Senior Director of Food and Culinary Services for the Johns Hopkins Health System. All six hospitals in the Johns Hopkins Health...
Cr80Chats GeorgeKuzma
July 23, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: Gourmet Dining's George Kuzma on the tech that's reforming campus dining

In episode four of our Technology and the Evolution of Campus Dining series with Grubhub, we speak with George Kuzma, Vice President for Business Development, Gourmet Dining about some of the technologies that are changing the campus dining experience. The company operates all...
CR80Chats KevinGH 1
July 13, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: Grubhub mobile ordering and ghost kitchens at the Carle Foundation Hospital

The Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, Ill. was in need of a way to serve patients and employees efficiently, on their terms, in a high-paced environment. In episode three of our Technology and the Evolution of Campus Dining series with Grubhub, we...
Grubhub Yandex
July 8, 2021 / ,

Grubhub partners with Yandex SDG to bring robot delivery to college campuses

Mobile food ordering and delivery platform Grubhub, has partnered with Yandex Self-Driving Group (SDG), an autonomous vehicle developer, for a multi-year partnership that will see Yandex become Grubhub’s robot delivery provider on college campuses. The partnership will enable Grubhub university clients to deploy...
CR80Chats GH Schauff 1
June 24, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: How the U. of Rochester adapted campus dining with Grubhub mobile ordering

In the second installment of the CR80Chats series with Grubhub Campus, we discuss the dining environment at the University of Rochester with the university's Director of Campus Dining and Auxiliary Operations, Cam Schauff. The University of Rochester was one of the earliest adopters...
CR80Chats GH Ben 1
June 17, 2021 / ,

CR80Chats: Talking mobile ordering with Ben Anderson, Grubhub Campus

In this edition of CR80Chats, we kick off our video series with Grubhub by discussing all things mobile ordering with Grubhub Campus' Head of Industry Relations, Ben Anderson. Mobile ordering has cemented itself as a must-have service for modern students,...
WayneState 1
April 23, 2021 / ,

Wayne State to load $10 on student accounts for proof of COVID vaccine

Detroit's Wayne State University is hoping to entice more of its students to get a COVID-19 vaccine by offering free money to student accounts as an added incentive. The "Warrior vaccine initiative" will offer students $10 added to their campus...
April 9, 2021 / , ,

U. of Rochester, Grubhub collaborate to solve challenges

Engaged staff at Rochester are pushing some of the limits of the Grubhub platform, using the system in unique ways beyond just mobile ordering. This healthy partnership between campus and vendor has led to a cooperative pushing of boundaries and...
March 26, 2021 /

Ohio State rewards students for COVID-19 testing compliance

Ohio State University is rewarding its students who complete daily health checks and fulfill COVID-19 testing requirements by offering gift cards and other prizes. Operating as a kind of loyalty program, students may win priority course scheduling, food and shopping...
GHUltimate POS 1
October 2, 2020 / ,

Grubhub and Chick-fil-A are upping the mobile ordering experience

With increased availability and popularity in mobile ordering, has come increased usage and order volumes – a challenge that Grubhub and Chick-fil-A are facing head on. The pair have worked together to implement the Grubhub Ultimate system that’s intelligently incorporating...
DiningHall empty 1
September 4, 2020 / , , ,

CBORD clients harness GET for campus dining reservation, ‘healthy return’ solutions

Over the summer, universities worked diligently to evaluate and implement actionable steps to make dining safer. CBORD was also hard at work this summer – and that work continues – launching campus dining reservations for a number of campus clients...
Miami dining 1
August 14, 2020 / ,

U. of Miami to introduce mobile reservation, density monitors in dining

The University of Miami has outlined its plans for on-campus dining this fall, including a new mobile reservation system via CBORD's GET app, and density monitors located outside dining facilities to display current occupancy numbers. Miami's dining halls reopened food...
SouthernMiss 1
July 24, 2020 / ,

Southern Miss implementing touchless payments in dining

The University of Southern Mississippi is making alterations to its dining services by introducing touchless payments for students in campus dining facilities. The payment changes come in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and will join other measures, including socially distant...
UGA dining 1
July 10, 2020 /

U. of Georgia plans more takeout dining in fall

The University of Georgia is gearing up for increased takeout dining options with students returning to campus this fall. The dining changes come as the university seeks to offer safe and sanitary options amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Suffolk GH 1
June 26, 2020 / ,

Suffolk University students benefit from new Grubhub partnership

Boston’s Suffolk University has partnered with Grubhub to provide its students with another dining alternative. The move will expand the dining options available to Suffolk students and enable greater use of the campus card for payment. The partnership comes during...
CBORD PrepareCampusHealthyReturn 1

CBORD webinars prep campuses for “A Healthy Return"

Campuses are now beginning to strategize and plan for on-campus life in the wake of the pandemic lockdown. With this in mind, CBORD is launching a FREE webinar series beginning Tuesday, April 28, designed to help universities in reopening facilities with...
CBORD logo1 1
March 18, 2020 /

CBORD webinar to discuss campus food prep amid COVID-19

University dining programs are having to shift operations to meet the needs of students left on or near campus, while still meeting requirements around the management of COVID-19. In an effort to provide guidance and information to universities serving students...
Grubhub app 1
January 17, 2020 / ,

Indiana University partners with Grubhub

Indiana University has announced a collaboration with Grubhub to take effect this week that will offer students the ability to place mobile orders from on-campus dining locations. The partnership is supporting food orders for pick-up through the Grubhub app and will...
Grubhub 1
August 16, 2019 / ,

Texas State supports mobile ordering through Grubhub

After a long partnership with mobile ordering provider, Tapingo, Texas State University is set to continue providing mobile ordering to its students through Grubhub. The new partnership with Grubhub, who purchased Tapingo in 2018, is expected to offer many of...
Tapingo vid 1
December 7, 2018 / ,

Optimizing the student dining experience with Tapingo

Tapingo is a mobile food ordering app geared toward the college and university space. Hear from the company's director of business development, Ben Anderson, as he delves into the features of the service and how students can benefit from mobile...
TapingoPickup 1
September 26, 2018 / ,

Grubhub to acquire Tapingo in $150M deal

Leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace, Grubhub, has announced an agreement to acquire university-centric mobile ordering and commerce app, Tapingo. The companies have entered into a definitive agreement that will see Grubhub acquire Tapingo for approximately $150 million.
PayTango2 1
August 27, 2014 / ,

Off-campus merchant programs: Exploring self-op and vendor managed options

Off-campus programs inhabit an odd place for colleges and universities. Institutions can sometimes build a modest revenue stream from these programs and students seem to enjoy using their student ID card at places beyond the campus. But on-campus food service...
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