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VCU to use campus mobile app to verify student wellness, building access

Beginning January 25, Virginia Commonwealth University will use its existing campus mobile app to help verify student and faculty wellness checks and ensure the campus community is keeping with COVID-19 protocols. A new feature built into the VCU Mobile app called “Entry Pass” was developed with the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19 on the VCU campus.

According to an official university release, students and employees will be required to show a green or yellow icon on their VCU app prior to accessing certain campus buildings, including:

  • University student commons
  • Student center
  • VCU libraries
  • Campus dining center
  • All recreational sports facilities available for open recreation.

VCU is implementing Entry Pass to serve as a daily reminder to all on-campus students and employees to complete their daily health checks and asymptomatic surveillance testing.

Each time a student or employee approaches participating campus facilities, they will be asked to show their completed Entry Pass. Students and employees will need to display either a digital Entry Pass on the VCU Mobile app or a printout of that day’s Entry Pass to each building’s entry attendant.

The daily health check turns back three results based on the survey responses:

Green check. Means the student has completed the daily health check and, if applicable, has complied with asymptomatic surveillance testing. Green Checks will be quickly cleared to enter.

Yellow warning. If the student/employee is asked to participate in asymptomatic surveillance testing and do not book an appointment, or fail to show for a scheduled appointment, the Entry Pass will show a yellow warning. Those with a yellow warning will have one week to complete their test. The yellow warning only applies to non-compliance with surveillance testing.

Red “X”. Means one of two things that can be solved by completing the following steps:

  • Uncompleted daily health check. Can be completed on the spot using the Entry Pass module in the VCU Mobile app, instantly resulting in a green check; or prior to allowing entry, the attendant will ask to answer a lengthy series of questions about compliance with public safety measures. Either way, building access is still allowed following completion.
  • Not compliant with asymptomatic surveillance testing. If student/employee completes the daily health check, and the Entry Pass continues to show a red X, then that person is not compliant with surveillance testing. Entry will be denied and that person will have one week to complete their test.

The university describes the app as a “fast pass,” as those who complete their daily health check and comply with asymptomatic surveillance testing using the VCU Mobile app can more easily access certain campus facilities. By comparison, students and employees without an Entry Pass will need to review safety and compliance requirements with an entry attendant, who can answer questions and offer resources.

Non-compliance with daily health checks or surveillance testing may result in building access restrictions and/or disciplinary action.

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