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The benefits of combining physical cards and mobile IDs

FREE, on-demand webinar examines physical and mobile ID co-existence

Mobile ID is being discussed in a number of settings, with corporate enterprises and government agencies of all shapes and sizes mulling the potential of the technology. But there’s perhaps no vertical that’s better suited for the jump to mobile ID than higher education.

With a cardholder base that lives on the very devices needed to make mobile ID a reality, adoption and use of mobile credential capabilities would be a natural progression for students. But this isn’t exactly a revelation, as card offices across the country are already pondering the question, “Can I get that ID card on my mobile phone?”

But going whole hog with mobile ID isn’t necessarily the answer near term. The debate over when to start issuing mobile credentials in place of plastic cards has raged on for nearly a decade, and this year we’ll see more physical ID cards issued than any year prior.

So with the physical card remaining very much alive, many are now looking at strategies that see the capabilities of a mobile credential combined with the plastic card, rather than replace it outright, to enhance overall security and convenience for cardholders.

“The physical ID is not going away … its easy to deploy, its already in place, it’s the incumbent but at the same time, the whole world is going mobile,” says Dominic Tavassoli, VP Secure Issuance Solutions, HID Global. “There are many reasons behind the need for co-existence … citizens want choice as to whether they want a physical or mobile credential.”

In a new webinar with HID GLobal, SecureIDNews’ Gina Jordan talks with two leaders from the company about their experience working with hundreds of issuers who have been facing these questions.

Dominic Tavassoli is joined by Steve Warne from the HID’s Government ID Solutions unit to share insight into a third option that sees the card and mobile working together, rather than independent of one another. In addition to hailing it as the best option to meet the needs of government issuers around the globe, the combined approach could be the perfect way for universities to get their feet wet with mobile ID.

“Whenever you issue physical cards you should start thinking about issuing a mobile ID at the same time, because you are adding a lot of value and you are also helping prepare for that future change,” adds Tavassoli.

In the webinar, also learn about the HID Global’s goID solution that’s helping issuers deliver mobile credentials in tandem with secure physical cards. Hear how one country is currently using the solution to improve security and better serve citizens, and gain insights on a future where ID cards can be complemented by a mobile credential.

Check out the webinar now.

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