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Tapingo, Aramark join forces for mobile ordering

Tapingo has partnered with food, facilities management provider Aramark to launch a new approach to food ordering experience on campus.

Tapingo and Aramark will roll out the service at more than 25 Aramark campus clients during the program’s initial phase. Students, faculty and staff at these campuses will benefit from advanced mobile ordering, pickup and delivery technology via the Tapingo smartphone app.

Aramark has identified mobile technology as fundamental to its growth strategy. “Across the business landscape, the most successful companies are leveraging mobile to stimulate consumer engagement while streamlining operations,” says Brent Franks, Chief Operating Officer of Education at Aramark. “The partnership provides us with an opportunity to offer a convenient mobile solution and further strengthens our ability to provide outstanding customer service.”

Aramark officials cited the success of Tapingo at the campuses of the University of Central Florida and High Point University, in particular, as a key motivator for the partnership. “We evaluated several possibilities, and Tapingo came out on top — from both a business standpoint and a user perspective,” says Franks.

This is a strategic partnership for Tapingo and Aramark to bring Tapingo’s mobile commerce solution and services to college campuses across the country,” says Jeff Hardy, chief business officer at Tapingo. “Aramark has established itself as a leader in this industry and has partnered with us to make their mobile strategy a reality.”

Aramark selected Tapingo to be its mobile ordering solution, in part, due to Tapingo’s engagement with the consumer community, as well as the company’s comprehensive approach to mobile commerce. “Tapingo’s expertise has enabled us to lead the way in innovation with advanced features like predictive ordering, on demand delivery and real-time fulfillment,” says Hardy.

Tapingo Delivers — the company’s latest initiative that enables students to place delivery orders from on-campus locations — has seen early success in expanding the reach of campus dining services and will also factor into the partnership.

“With the added convenience of on-demand delivery, campus dining gained access to previously untapped markets of faculty, staff and upperclassmen living off campus,” says Hardy. “Both Tapingo and Aramark are eager to see the expansion of Tapingo Delivers, and will be working closely on a joint rollout plan.”

Going forward, Tapingo and Aramark will work closely with individual institutions to determine the best setup for each campus, explains Hardy. “Every university is different, so how the service operates may differ slightly from campus to campus.”

Tapingo’s services include mobile ordering, pickup and delivery, and through this partnership we will expand the reach of these services, explains Hardy. “We are continually working on new ways to innovate in dining, and working with Aramark will make it easier to do more, and faster.”

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