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Moving card systems to SaaS

The shorter and sweeter way to say “Software as a Service,” the SaaS model is quickly becoming the go-to model for hosting software systems across virtually every industry vertical, higher education included. The trend toward hosting campus card instances off premise and moving away from dedicated, on-campus servers has already reached a significant number of institutions, so it’s time to look at what this means.

East Tennessee State pioneers next-generation campus mailroom

Universities are the perfect environments to test new methods for old processes, and there's perhaps not abetter example of this in practice than the campus mailroom where inefficiencies, outdated technology and spatial waste are proving to be more of a burden than a service. Now, a new entrant to the campus space, USZoom, is positioning its digital mailbox platform specifically for the university space. The company's iCollegeMail system provides campuses with a means to notify students when mail arrives and turns the concept of mail delivery into something of a concierge service, and East Tennessee State University is putting the system to the test.

Case Study: The road to a new transaction system

For many universities, managing student transactions can be a bear. Between numerous campus departments, account types and maybe even a dated card system, the daily task of reconciling student purchases...

The future of campus card servers

Throughout their history, dedicated servers have been a fact of life for card programs both large and small. Over time, however, the evolution of campus card systems and advancements in computing technology have given rise to newer alternatives to the traditional, dedicated server. Card offices now have a wealth of options to choose from that can enable them to either leverage in-house servers or eliminate hardware altogether. What, then, should an institution consider when weighing its options?

Campus card pricing

How providers determine what schools pay Andy Williams, Associate Editor, Avisian Publications From cloud-based services to software delivered on-site, colleges and universities have a myriad of options for handling their...

Philly public schools adding transit to existing contactless IDs

Student cards already serve attendance, access control By Zack Martin, Editor, Avisian Publishing To use a transportation analogy, three separate tracks are coming together in Philadelphia to form a very...

Software as a Service gains momentum as model for managing card offices

Campus cards in the cloud By Zack Martin, Editor, AVISIAN Publications Albion College wanted to add a flexible spending account to its campus ID card. The 1,600-student campus in Albion,...

Print management, campus card provide windfall for Pennsylvania campus

By Andy Williams, Associate Editor, AVISIAN Publications When small Mercyhurst College, a 4,000 student institution Erie, Penn., decided to revamp its print and copy management system, the school had no...

Building a campus card

Launching a brand new campus card program isn’t as easy as signing a contract and cutting a check. There are many steps a schools needs to go through before they...
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