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OMNILOCK 2000 Series Now Available with Prox by HID

Irvine, CA (April 15, 2002) The OMNILOCK® OP2000 Series of proximity card reader locks combines OSI Security Devices’ durable stand-alone access control systems with HID Corporation’s proven proximity technology. HID supplies the battery powered proximity technology through its eProx Lock Module. Embedded proximity (eProx) technology modules are integrated with many products, including battery powered locks, biometrics, time and attendance terminals, and other security-related devices.

The OMNILOCK 2000 Series locks allow up to 2000 users per lock and feature 80,000 cycles on four AA batteries. They are fully programmable through use of a hand-held Windows CE® or PocketPC® device and provide an audit trail up to 50,000 transactions per door (including key bypass or tampering). The cylindrical OP2000 locks install in a standard ANSI 156.2 (formerly 161) door prep.

“OSI’s new OM2000 HID proximity standalone lock offers several unique features, including the ability to retrofit to an existing door with no drilling or door prep,” said John Menzel, Director of Technology Sales for HID. “This enables users to save installation labor costs. In addition, with the heightened emphasis on security, the OM2000 Prox provides an excellent way to enhance security while lowering overall per-door costs.”

The OM2000 magnetic card reader and the OP2000 HID proximity card reader systems are managed by the OMNILOCK Facility Manager (OFM), a powerful Microsoft Windows® compatible database program which allows control of 65,000 individual users.

About HID Corporation
As interest in PC secure log-on and other smart chip applications increases, HID’s credential remains the platform of choice to carry multiple applications. HID multi-technology credentials can be used throughout organizations to leverage the investment in existing systems, while providing for enhanced functionality in other areas. As the largest manufacturer of contactless access control readers and cards for the security industry, HID has shipped over 125 million credentials to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for security. Their experience in developing card technologies enables HID to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology. For more information on HID, visit their website at

About OSI Security Devices
Founded in 1986 in Sunnyvale, California, OSI Security Devices is an expert in the field of battery-operated standalone access control devices. OSI was the first to develop a battery operated standalone access system. Standalone access control devices come in various configurations, including Cylindrical, Mortise, Wall Mount (controls electrified hardware), Quick Adapter (retrofits to existing “D” series cylindrical locks) and Exit Device trim. OSI offers a variety of products ranging from keypad-only systems that are programmed by a hand-held infrared printer to powerful magnetic card or proximity card reader systems programmed with a PocketPC. Please visit for information and pricing.

Prox by HID and eProx are trademarks of HID Corporation.

HID • John Menzel • (303) 453-4040 • [email protected]

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