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Lucova looks to elevate campus point-of-sale with FIIT POE system

Payment technology provider, Lucova, has announced the general availability of its FIIT POE platform – a point-of-sale register designed to enhance the customer buying experience.

With a focus specifically on the campus market, the university food service and dining retail system supports traditional and cashless payments, as well as features built-in AI for personalized marketing and back office operations. With its new system, Lucova is attempting to turn the point-of-sale formula into what it calls a “Point-of-Experience.”

“Everyone is carrying a smart phone but the technology is being wasted,” says Amit Jhas, co-founder and CEO of Lucova. “The FIIT POE platform disrupts the norm with patented beacon sensor technology and AI to take the dining experience to a new level. Finally, it is possible to provide the best experience, improve retention and be profitable.”

FIIT POE has already been deployed on a number of campuses, logging nearly three million transactions last year. The company attributes the number of transactions in part to FIIT POE’s human-centric approach.

A cloud-based solution, the system can also be managed from anywhere and at anytime. Using real-time smart reports, management can also access key insights and information in real time to support customer retention and other goals.

In addition to supporting traditional POS utilities, the FIIT POE platform can also features a built-in messenger service to add a personal touch, the ability to adjust mobile menus, as well as analyze orders and available resources. The system integrates with existing payment processors and points of sale, and is available through a monthly pricing structure with no transaction-based costs.

FIIT POE from the student perspective

The system features a patented beacon sensor technology that enables access to customer profiles from a smartphone to provide staff with relevant information to deliver a personalized experience. Rounding out the company’s “point-of-experience” vision is customer recognition technology, hands-free and mobile pay, mobile ordering and a user-friendly app.

From the student’s perspective the platform — when paired with a personalized mobile application — provides a fast and easy way for students to pre-order food, digitize meal cards, check account balances and freely choose between cashless, card and cash transactions. Students can also accrue loyalty point and rewords for their commitment to the campus food service system.

FIIT POE leverages Bluetooth to essentially turn a student’s mobile device into smart sensor that interacts with the in-store POS register. In this way, the platform tries to create a better human experience between staff and students by interacting with students’ mobile devices through the app. This communication also allows students to conduct a hands free check-in at the dining hall. When the student reaches the FIIT POE register, the student’s name and picture appear on the register’s screen right in front of the cashier.With this information, staff can welcome the student with a personal greeting.

The cashier simply clicks on the student’s picture and charges the meal to student’s account where the app shows the meal they were just charged for. With auto-confirmation, the charge goes to student’s digital meal card and they can then walk into the dining hall. Later, the student will be prompted via the app to provide a rating and feedback with a single click. This reduces operational friction and allows frontline staff to provide a more personal and unique transaction, while students get the opportunity to give direct feedback.

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