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HID launches new OMNIKEY Secure Element for desktop readers

Trusted identity solutions provider, HID Global, has announced its new OMNIKEY Secure Element. The new secure element will be the successor to HID iCLASS SE Processor and will serve as the foundation for the company’s new OMNIKEY Platform.

The OMNIKEY Secure Element will support applications in connected workplaces, healthcare environments, and education campuses. It is designed to deliver security extensions for reader devices across a number of connected business applications, including secure copy/print, visitor management, and time and attendance.

HID Global’s OMNIKEY Secure Element will succeed the iCLASS SE Processor and is the first step toward consolidating and optimizing the company’s desktop reader and reader module offerings. OMNIKEY will provide wider integration capabilities than the iCLASS SE Processor, while retaining compatibility with it at an API level for a simpler migration.

The single-chip OMNIKEY Secure Element represents a safe key for leveraging all the advantages of Seos credential technology, such as multi-application converged access on smartphones. It also supports other technologies from HID Global, such as iCLASS, and can be used for other card protocols such as MIFARE DESFire.

“OMNIKEY Secure Element is the first of many OMNIKEY rollouts that will make it easier to create secured and convenient experiences using one consolidated development system that speeds technology integration, improves performance and expands user choices,” says Thierry Roz, Managing Director, RFID Business Unit, Extended Access Technologies, HID Global.

“This latest addition underscores HID Global’s commitment to giving users secure yet effortless access to everything throughout the building and beyond,” adds Roz. “We are excited to migrate our existing partners and customers onto this new platform as they continue their innovation journey with us.”

Significant technology features and benefits include:

  • Secure Identity Object (SIO): Provides a secure, standards-based, technology-independent, and flexible identity data structure based on a new open credential standard.
  • OMNIKEY Platform: Provides multi-layer security that enables the use of NFC smartphones and other devices for mobile access utilizing iCLASS and Seos credentials.
  • Faster Integration: Developers Tool Kit provides resources to support fast and easy integration and extends access to HID Global’s broad developers community.
  • Field-Updatable Firmware: Includes support for existing credential technologies like standard iCLASS and Seos.
  • Low Power Consumption: Saves power and associated costs by hibernating when not in use.

HID has published additional information detailing the OMNIKEY Secure Element.

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