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GoPrint announces new self service, multi-platform, pay-for-print management system

Andy Williams   ||   Oct 17, 2006  ||   ,

GoPrint has released its new GS-4 print management system which can help libraries, computer centers, colleges and universities reduce print waste, recover costs and optimize printing. The system also supports the leading campus card systems and payment options.

San Ramon, California and Dallas, Texas - GoPrint Systems, Inc., the leading edge provider of multi-platform print cost recovery and network print management solutions for libraries, colleges and universities, is pleased to announce the introduction of the NEW GS-4; a full featured, highly enhanced, fully automated and scalable pay-for-print management solution equipped with a host of customer requested enhancements, plus a large list of unmatched leading edge advancements and features.

GoPrint’s GS-4 Solution helps campuses recover costs associated with excessive and wasteful network printing. The GoPrint Solution, which is server based and supported on Windows, Linux, Macintosh X, Novell, Sun Solaris, and Thin-Client platforms with a web enabled control center, also includes a host of unique features, some of which are listed below. GoPrint offers both a release station and non-resident client workstation popup option for easy release and or payment of print jobs. Implementation of GoPrint products frequently result in customer print cost reductions of 30% to 50% and more with full payback of each purchase almost always accomplished within the first year.

Key Features

  1. Multiple server types: System runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Novell, Sun Solaris, and Macintosh OSX servers.
  2. Customizable user interface branding: Print stations, client popups and the administrative control center screens can be customized with different logos, colors, backgrounds, text labels and user prompts for a totally custom look and feel.
  3. Multiple payment systems: Debit or stored value card systems, cash acceptors, user quota accounts, online transaction & one-card systems.
  4. Certified interfaces: CBORD, Blackboard, NuVision, and Monitor.
  5. Multiple payment options simultaneously: Users can pay with cash, stored value cards, student quota accounts and one card system accounts at their choice. Users can see balances on all fund sources from their personal account summary screen integrated with the client popup.
  6. Multiple authentication options: LDAP, Open LDAP, Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Radius, Banner, SSH, custom script, database connect or query authentication, in addition to CBORD, Blackboard, NuVision & Monitor. Also supports mix-and-match authentication types and scenarios like LDAP repositories, or LDAP + database + SSH authentication
  7. Multiple database options: Oracle, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server, and My SQL database platform support. Also, integrated automatic database backups.
  8. Clustering: Multi-node support for clustered servers to achieve redundancy and load balancing.
  9. Mobile or laptop printing: Integrated printer directory with site-wide printer selection, expected wait display, network proximity or printer attribute searching, and print driver installation assistance.
  10. Password protection: Users can password-protect and /or name their print jobs.
  11. Credit cards: Supports PayPal and other credit card gateways for self-serve funding of user accounts with a credit card. Use of credit cards to add value to a user account is fully supported from any web accessible workstation.
  12. No software installed on your workstations: GoPrint was designed to be true client-server application. The optional use, non-resident client popup is primarily controlled from the server.
  13. Release from print station or non-resident client popup: Password protection, authentication and payments can be combined to use the print release station and or the client popup separately or in combination for double security.
  14. Scalability: With enormous flexibility, the system is designed to be used by groups with as few as 10 workstations/users and 1 printer to campuses and multiple location sites with unlimited workstation and printers and upwards of 100,000 students/users.
  15. Extensive print rules options: Set printing charge rates by location, URL, group, document type, and/or catalog.
  16. 120+preformatted reports with export: Exportable to Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Excel or CSV data files.
  17. Lab & classroom pay-for-print scheduler: Schedule computer labs, classrooms or multiple sites with different print rates on different days or times. Includes automated on/off charge or no charge when classrooms are in fee based sessions.
  18. Built-in Banner Page support: Before or after the print job.
  19. Redesigned accounting and security systems: Users can belong to multiple groups and have multiple account purses.
  20. Permissions: Admin and quota user permissions integrated with LDAP to drive real-time group membership (and thereby quota/purses and user permissions) at each user login.
  21. Quota accounting: Redesigned quota accounting feature with true payment methods (tender types) so that allowances, credit lines, and external transaction servers are all treated equally from an accounting and scheduled quota perspective. In other words, all system features are usable with any payment method.
  22. Print rules integration: Rules now integrate with LDAP to do user or group-based rules (and thereby pricing and auto-deletion) based on LDAP filters
  23. Pay point options: Option to choose purse at pay points (station or client popup), with ability to cycle through each available purse and ability to restrict the purses available to be used at that pay point
  24. System tray icon for client popup
  25. Reprints: History and archive of print jobs with instant reprint capabilities
  26. Decision based print routing: Decision based routing of print jobs based on rules (favor a printer over others based on the job’s attributes).
  27. Load balancing and printer pooling and printer redirection
  28. Easy automated upgrade from GS-3

GoPrint’s GS-4 is the most advanced and robust print management software available and still the easiest to use and manage. Now, with customizable features, each user or site can create their own look and feel to fit their particular interests. First shipments for new installations are presently scheduled to begin in February 2007, with upgrade shipments from GS-3 beginning in March. An easy, automated upgrade from GS-3 to GS-4 will be available to all sites under annual support.

About GoPrint Systems
Founded in 1987, GoPrint Systems, Inc. is a highly specialized software developer, systems integrator, and innovator in the development of self-service, multi-platform, pay-for-print, cost-recovery, printer management systems. GoPrint provides an array of customer options from software only to full service turnkey installations and sells direct to leading colleges, universities, libraries and computer centers across all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information visit our website at

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