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Entrust launches new ‘Visitor Management as a Service’ solution

New cloud-based solution offers secure, compliant approach to visitor management

Trusted identity, payments and data protection provider, Entrust, launched its new Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service (VMaaS) solution. Entrust’s VMaaS is a cloud-based solution that enables a more modern, trusted approach to enterprise visitor management and security.

The VMaaS solution is poised to offer a solution for organizations as they begin to plan eventual returns to physical offices and buildings. The service will enable a streamlined, contactless experience for guests and hosts, and enhance security for facilities and personnel.

“With our Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service solution, today’s enterprises can improve the safety of their facilities and better protect the individuals who work in and visit their workplaces each day,” says Tony Ball, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Instant Issuance at Entrust. “Entrust offers an exceptional portfolio of issuance systems, software and supplies to help enterprises across industries secure credentials in a simple and efficient manner.”

For decentralized enterprises, like universities, where having multiple facilities across many locations and thousands of remote-first employees is common, traditional pen and paper visitor management is no longer a reliable or efficient process to ensure security. With Entrust VMaaS the front desk is everywhere, allowing enterprises to leverage cloud technology to implement standard visitor procedures across locations at any time, from anywhere.

Here’s how the Entrust Adaptive Issuance VMaaS works:

Prior to Check-In

The Entrust VMaaS solution allows visitors to pre-register via email on their mobile devices and receive a custom QR code to present during check-in, eliminating the need for long waits upon arrival.

Check In

Once visitors enter the facility, they scan the QR code or sign in manually using a touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk allows organizations to customize the user experience to their specific needs, including multiple languages, ID scanning, NDA signing, COVID-19 safety procedures, digital signatures and manual or automatic check-out.


Once checked in, visitors are instantly issued printed ID badges with personalization features including profile photos, expiration dates and times, and personalized information or logos. Additionally, hosts receive instant notifications via email or text allowing them to seamlessly and efficiently evaluate and monitor individuals entering and moving about facilities.

The Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service solution is underpinned by Veristream and is designed for simple administration and integration. Features include:

  • Cloud-based. The cloud-based technology allows an enterprise to quickly set up and deploy VMaaS without on-premise hardware or expertise.
  • Dashboard Management. The solution is supported by a customizable dashboard for cross-location management, real-time activity tracking and alerts. Automatic updates also eliminate the need to schedule downtime.
  • Compliance. The solution can help meet compliance and reporting requirements, including C-TPAT, GDPR, HIPAA, OSHA, JCAHO, ITAR, SOC 2, FSMA and GLBA.
  • Integration-ready. The solution integrates with several existing systems such as LDAP, SAML 2.0, Azure AD, Outlook plug-in, Active Directory and Cisco ISE all via API eliminating the need for the adoption of new technologies.
  • Digital Security. Data is stored in a private, dedicated environment and encrypted at every stage to enable seamless security and privacy at all times.

For more information about the Entrust Adaptive Issuance Visitor Management as a Service, see Entrust’s visitor management solutions pagedata sheet, and product white paper.

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