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Transact calls for conference presentations, Distinction Awards nominations

Presentation proposal deadline is Jan. 31, and Distinction Awards nominations deadline is Feb. 15

Transact, integrated campus payment, ID and commerce solutions provider, has extended a call for its Distinction Awards nominations, as well as presentation proposals for the Transact 360 Annual User Conference due to take place virtually March 15-17, 2021. New this year, accepted presenters may direct a $500 contribution from Transact to their university in support of either a scholarship or student food insecurity fund.

The deadline for conference presentation proposals is January 31, and the deadline for Distinction Awards nominations is February 15.

This year’s Transact 360 conference is free to attend, and will provide attendees with ample opportunities for open dialogue and a free-flowing exchange of ideas. Presenters will share experiences, mindsets, and innovations to help fellow attendees push the boundaries of technology and services in the campus space. Presentation topics and proposals should relate to the following session themes and can be submitted online:

Integrated Payments. Customer expectations and behaviors are changing the way payments are accepted on campus. Learn how your school can benefit from accepting payments not only from students, but also parents, alumni, departments, and visitors. You can also provide your payers options to easily understand financial obligations. This track will cover a wide range of topics designed to empower campuses with the ability to provide smart and secure payment transactions while automating bill presentment and payment processing.

Campus ID. Improve and support your campus’ investment in credential-driven transactions & privileges. Follow this track as presenters share unique and valuable insights for providing a secure, mobile-centric campus environment with contactless student ID credentials for effortless campus-wide transactions and access privileges.

Campus Commerce. Power all campus purchases across integrated Point-of-Sale solutions for student accounts tied to campus ID cards and mobile credentials. This track will cover point-of-sale solutions designed for use in a wide range of retail and dining operations, while delivering a feature-rich shopping experience for your students with the latest payment security technology.

Showcase & Innovation. This track will explore the many new and innovative ways Transact and your peer institutions enable a connected experience across the spectrum of student life. We’ll discuss industry-wide trends and insights to best equip your institution for the future.

Best Practices & System Administration. Your Transact system administrator is expected to do many different things from configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining your Transaction System, to providing direction to efficiently and effectively utilize your system to meet the needs of your campus. Follow this track as presenters provide specialized knowledge and expertise to increase productivity, save time and resources, and provide tried-and-true best practices to get the most out of your unified system.

The conference’s virtual format provides more flexibility for presenters. When submitting your presentation topic, select from these format options:

  • 15-minute presentation, no Q&A
  • 30-minute presentation, Q&A via chat
  • 45-minute session (30-minute presentation + 15-minute live Q&A)
  • Custom presentation format

Most sessions will have the option of being recorded/OnDemand, semi-live, or live. For more information about Transact 360, click here.

Transact calls for Distinction Awards nominations

In addition to conference presentation proposals, Transact has also extended its call for nominations for the Transact 360 Distinction Awards. The awards honor those who are passionate about technology to better their campus experiences.

To nominate your institution or a peer institution, simply complete the nomination form and include a short paragraph detailing why the institution meets the distinction criteria. Winners will be announced live in March during the virtual Transact 360 Annual Users Conference, which is free to attend. Transact’s three Distinction Awards are:

Distinction Award for Innovation

This award is for institutions who are on the forefront of campus technology innovation. It recognizes campuses who have developed and implemented high impact technology strategies that scale. Awardees will have developed practices and/or technologies that have had a measurable effect on the student experience. The Distinction Award for Innovation recognizes institutions that actively promote the widespread adoption of innovative technologies with the potential to provide superior student experiences, frictionless administrative workflows, or greater institutional intelligence.

Distinction Award for Marketing & Outreach

This award honors those institutions who have creatively and effectively promoted their technological advances on campus. Awardees will have used a variety of marketing efforts to enhance the visibility and value of campus credentials, flexible payment solutions, or other technology initiatives that elevate the institution’s brand while driving adoption and usage of the technology among students.

Distinction Award for Student Experience

This award honors those institutions whose technological innovations have markedly improved the total student experience. This includes their addressing of new and changing dynamics in fields such as student recruitment, engagement, and retention.

For more information about Transact 360 or to sign up to attend, click here.

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