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UConn, ColorID recards entire university, regional campuses

The University of Connecticut is issuing new campus cards, after making the decision to recard its entire population over the summer. CR80News recently caught up with UConn and ColorID, who assisted on the project, to talk about the new Husky One Card and the recarding process.

Flashback Friday: Married to the mag

The decision of whether a university should upgrade its card technology remains one of the most popular discussions in the campus card space to this day. At CR80News, it's easily been one of the most covered topics over the years, and in our 2012 coverage "Married to the mag" we tried to better understand why campuses were so reticent to make the switch.

Flaskback Friday: Mag stripes on the modern campus

The number of universities adopting advanced card technologies is growing at a rapid rate, and for good reason. Yet campuses still issue mag stripe cards. In our coverage from 2014 ColorID’s corporate marketing manager, Mark Degan, offered his insights into the world of the mag stripe, detailing how and why the old guard of ID card technologies is still being used on campus decades after its invention.

TBT: Debunking the demagnetized card myth

In honor of Throwback Thursday, each week we're going to pull and review a story from the CR80News vault. The first edition of Throwback Thursday isn't the furthest jump back in time, but it's one of CR80News' most highly trafficked stories year after year. It's the infamous "cell phone demagnetizing a key card" myth.

Boston College to change campus security system

Boston College has opted for a combination of prox, magstripe, PIN and Wi-F- enabled locks to better secure the campus' dorms and academic buildings. After receiving approval last month, the changeover in security systems is slated to begin this fall semester with the help of Stanley Security.

Is library ID keeping up with times?

Library patron ID is an age-old campus card function that's been around since the earliest credentials. But as library materials grow in value to include things like laptops and tablets, it may be time for more robust verification measures at check out. Find out if newer card technologies are being leveraged in library systems or if mag stripes and barcodes are still on top.

Student ‘hacks’ campus card for final project

A student at Oklahoma State used his final project in an information security class to decipher and duplicate the university's student ID card. The student used a mag stripe reader/writer purchased online and a university web portal to decipher the card numbering system.

University of Baltimore credentials get smart

When it comes to technology, simpler is often better. At least that’s the idea at the University of Baltimore, where faculty, staff and students were carrying a photo ID card...

Pick a card, any card?

There are a number of considerations that a campus card office must navigate when delivering a robust and functional student credential. For instance, choosing the right printer, card technology and...

Loyola uses student ID to streamline mailroom pickups

With a vast majority of messages being sent electronically, the brick and mortar mailrooms on college campuses have seen a drop in paper letters. Still, care packages from home stuffed...
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