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Pharos Systems announces Blueprint Enterprise 3.1 print asset management software

Pharos Systems has upgraded its Blueprint Enterprise print asset management software to include several key features that are designed to automate the costing and normalization aspects of the software. With Automatic Normalization, the software maps logical printers to physical devices automatically.

It can save 30% or more in output costs

Pharos Systems International, the leading provider of print asset management software solutions, today announced the release of Blueprint Enterprise 3.1, the latest version of their industry-leading Blueprint Enterprise product. With its patent-pending page-counting technology that combines device meter read data with user print transaction data, Blueprint Enterprise tracks every page printed by every user from every application in order to calculate real costs based on actual usage. As a result, organizations achieve a true cost-per-page accounting of all users and output devices across the enterprise. Pharos Blueprint Enterprise illuminates your printing environment so you will finally know what you are spending on every printed and copied page. Once you can accurately measure your total enterprise output costs, you can manage and significantly reduce those costs by 30% or more.

Included in the new release of Blueprint Enterprise are several key features designed to automate the costing and normalization aspects of the software. With Automatic Normalization, Blueprint Enterprise maps logical printers to physical devices automatically, so that reporting data is both highly accurate and extremely useful, and achieves a level of precision unmatched by competitors in the industry.

“Blueprint Enterprise’s Automatic Normalization feature takes the guesswork out of matching logical printers to physical devices, saving IT professionals from having to spend a great deal of time performing manual matching, ” says Gerard Maxwell, Pharos Systems Software Architect.

“We’ve made the process of finding, tracking, and accurately measuring the costs of every printing device and every user a snap.”

In addition, an embedded database from Lyra Research provides automatic models-based costing information on over 5,700 printers, copiers, and multi-function products. This database enables organizations to measure output costs based on manufacturer, model, and device utilization rates, thereby enabling the measurement and reporting of true costs and savings in real-time. And with the inclusion of the new Device Update Handling feature, Blueprint Enterprise manages devices dynamically, detecting device movement, additions, and changes immediately, and updating records as necessary. This facilitates accurate analysis and reporting in a changing enterprise environment.

The latest release of Blueprint Enterprise also features an enhanced, intuitive user interface. This interface provides new screens for managing data analysis functions, as well as data-mining features to facilitate better viewing and searching capabilities. Also included in the new release are full data analysis capabilities, which enable organizations to combine user-level print transactions with data imported from other sources, including meter reads from device management tools and HR data and budget center information, into reports that are both very accurate and complete.

Data derived from HR feeds also enable automatic device location, based on the location of the user who is printing to that device most often. In this way, Blueprint Enterprise enables you to make fact-based decisions about your printing environment while achieving measurable and sustainable savings, enterprise-wide, year after year.

“Blueprint Enterprise is next-generation print asset management software designed for organizations interested in finding out the true costs of printing and copying in their environment. Its scalability, flexibility, and unique features make this software a results-driven cost-savings IT initiative,” says Michael Kabot, Pharos Systems Director of Technology Implementation.

“Blueprint Enterprise represents 13 years of Pharos Systems technology innovation and is designed with the singular goal of helping organizations achieve maximum IT cost savings. We think we’ve achieved exactly that.”

Pharos Systems International, Inc is the recognized industry leader in providing print asset management and cost-recovery solutions to both corporate office and higher education environments. With over a decade of experience, we help customers track, measure, and control their print assets to reduce waste, optimize performance, guide the purchase of new devices, and make the most of existing ones. As a result, over a thousand companies in 21 countries are currently benefiting from optimized printing environments, and are experiencing significant expense reduction. Visit Pharos Systems on the Web at

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