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May 1, 2003 / , ,

Card offices increase their focus on off-campus merchant programs

CR80News was a cosponsor once again for the Advanced Cards Seminar put on by NACAS and NACCU in May. I participated in several sessions and panel discussions and had a great opportunity to take the temperature of many campus card...
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Radio frequency identification (RFID): Proximity and contactless card technology on campus

RFID systems enable a card and a card reader to communicate without the need for one to physically touch or contact the other–hence the term contactless. The card need only be placed in close proximity to the reader for communication...

Santa Clara puts payments in ‘Palm’ of your hand: Palms and cellphones initiate payments to campus card system

ViVOtech has recently completed a pilot project at Santa Clara University, allowing PalmOS-driven PDAs and cellphones to wirelessly send campus debit card account information to a point of sale terminal. The pilot group paid for products at on-campus locations as...

Wi-Fi promises to revolutionize campus business...and campus card systems

Ohio State students donate money to Relay for Life via a mobile terminal at a charity gathering in the Union. Duke University pilots declining balance payments against food service accounts using a handheld palm computer. Creighton University in Nebraska authorizes...

IR Recognition Systems Biometric HandReaders Enhance Security and Convenience at San Diego State University

Handy Way to Enter AS/SDSU’s Aztec Rec Center CAMPBELL, CALIF. - April 30, 2003 - IR Recognition Systems, the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand’s (IR) Security & Safety Group’s Electronic Access Control Division (EACD), today announced that San Diego State University’s...
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April 1, 2003 / ,

Coding in RFID systems: Sending meaningful data via radio waves

Coding in RFID refers to a modulation pattern that is understood and shared by both a transponder and a receiver. Like Morse code–the series of dots and dashes used to transmit data in the past– radio frequency coding relies on...
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