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Higher One brings Quicken Online to students

Higher One is working with Intuit, maker of financial software page Quicken, to build “unique solutions to help students” with financial education. Beginning in February, students will be able to access Quicken Online to use in tandem with their Higher One accounts.

Quicken Online enables students to keep track of their finances

New Haven, CT – January 2, 2008 – Higher One, a financial services company focused exclusively on higher education, will work together with Intuit’s Quicken, the industry leader in personal finance software. The two will work in concert to develop unique solutions to help students get the early best practices about financial management and succeed in the future.

“We are always looking for ways to help teach students how to better understand their finances,” explained Dean Hatton, President & CEO, Higher One. “It is important for us, as a financial services company serving higher education, to assist students as many begin to use banking services for the first time. Higher One is very excited to work with Intuit to deliver Quicken Online to students.”

Higher One’s Refund Management capabilities enable Colleges and Universities to distribute refunds to students electronically. The service streamlines the disbursal process and provides students with a more convenient means for receiving refunds. With Higher One, students also have the ability to open a fully functioning, FDIC-insured checking account known as the OneAccount. Linked to a Debit MasterCard®, students can use the OneAccount to purchase items anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

With increased enrollment in institutions of higher education and Colleges and Universities offering a vast array of financial services to these students, teaching students fiscal responsibility has become increasingly important. Thanks to Quicken Online, students can now use this powerful software to help track their finances and manage their financial well being.

Students will be able to access Quicken Online via beginning in February of this year.

About Higher One

Focused exclusively on higher education, Higher One provides Refund Management to higher education institutions and banking services to members of their community through a card based solution. Higher One’s integrated solution helps it’s clients reduce administrative costs, streamline business processes, create new revenue streams, increase student customer service and strengthen the campus community. Higher One’s OneDisburse® provides students with more choices and better services for receiving financial refunds and payroll. Higher One also offers a suite of banking services called OneFinanceSM, which includes the OneAccount, a no minimum balance, no monthly fee checking account with the OneCard, a Debit MasterCard® for ATM withdrawals and purchases, and exclusive features such as “Send Money”, Easy RefundSM, and Campus AutoLoad. The OneFinanceSM and OneDisburse® solutions can be integrated with the institution’s ID card or provided through a separate “refund only” card.

To date, Higher One has disbursed $3.2 billion dollars in refunds for its clients. Almost 1,000,000 students, faculty, and staff at distinguished public and private higher education institutions use Higher One’s services through their ID or refund card.

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