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Nova Southeastern launches campus card loyalty program

Nova Southeastern launched a brand new campus card loyalty program this month that rewards students when they use their SharkCard student ID to make purchases. In addition to rewarding the use of its campus card, NSU’s loyalty program is also seeking to improve student engagement on campus by incentivizing attendance and participation in university events.

As reported by NSU’s student publication, The Current, the the university’s card services office is behind the launch of SharkCard Rewards. The loyalty program rewards all NSU students, whether commuter, online, regional campus or main campus students, when they use their SharkCard to make purchases at designated locations or attend university events.

The SharkCard Rewards program has been in the testing stage since last summer and is now fully operational. ShardCard Services is also fielding student feedback on the program regarding what students would like to see from the program in the future.

The reward program leverages the SharkCard’s declining balance funds, and is open to any student on an opt-in basis. Students simply load money onto their card through CBORD’s GET app or online with their university credentials. Students will earn reward points for every dollar they spend and two points for every university home game they attend.

“Programs similar to SharkCard Rewards are a trend we’ve noticed in the student ID industry that is up and coming,” said Vernol Robinson, director of SharkCard Services, in a statement to The Current. “Knowing that we would like to see student engagement increased on campus, especially with on-campus activities attendance, this is just a way to boost that up.”

NSU’s SharkCash acts as the bridge between the campus card and the new rewards program. SharkCash can be used in the same manner as a debit card, with students able to add money over time with no limitation. SharkCash can be used for on-campus printing, copying, on-campus vending machine purchases, and at designated off-campus locations.

SharkCash is the only campus tender accepted as part of the loyalty program, meal plan funds are not eligible. All reward points must also be redeemed by June 30, 2020.

Students, meanwhile, can use the loyalty program to redeem points for reward items like gift cards, movie vouchers, free oil changes, Amazon gift cards, and consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

The point system in place for the SharkCard Rewards program offers prizes in four different point brackets ranging from 500 to 2,000 total points. As expected, the prizes increase in value alongside the number of total points accrued. The point totals, however, are designed so that students have to engage in campus activities over time to reach the more coveted rewards.

“We are expecting hurdles with this program and it will take some fine-tuning. We’re also not going to make it easy for students to rack up rewards so that everyone can just swipe and receive a reward,” said Robinson. “Students are going to have to build up and engage on campus and possibly participate in attending a mix of games and increase their spending habits to build up points.”

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