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Marquette to pilot 24/7 secure access policy in residence hall

Marquette University is set to pilot a new 24/7 secure access policy in one of its on-campus residence halls. The pilot is part of a larger plan to pursue more comprehensive secured entry strategies for all campus residence halls.

According to an official university release, the new entryway access protocol will begin on March 23 for residents of Marquette’s Humphrey Hall to test the new processes and technology.

Humphrey Hall was selected specifically for the pilot program because the building’s existing technology could be effectively outfitted with the requisite video intercom. The building also features a relatively manageable occupancy number, which will allow for more efficient feedback loops to inform adjustments throughout the pilot.

Other pilot details include:

  • Students will use their MUID card to tap in at the entrance of the building to gain access. This is a 24/7 implementation.
  • Once inside the building, the check-in process remains the same, with the student tapping in at the front desk.
  • A video intercom system will be installed on the exterior of the residence hall. If a student forgets their MUID, they can use the video intercom to request entry.
  • Front desk staff will have a monitor and intercom to view who is requesting access and will be able to buzz in the student, without front desk staff having to leave their post.
  • Those with an MUID will be able to enter the building. Once inside, only those with current access permission to the residence hall will be able to check in at the front desk with their MUID. The guest policy remains the same.

Marquette’s Office of Residence Life was tasked with developing the access protocols for hall staff and worked with the residence hall director on process changes. Humphrey Hall residents were also informed so they are prepared for the changes, which will be in place when they return from spring break.

During the pilot, Marquette Residence Life will solicit feedback from res hall staff and students. The team will also benchmark residence hall access and security measures with university peers.

The new secured access policy will remain in place at Humphrey Hall for the remainder of the semester, and insights from the pilot will inform the recommendations made by the university’s Safety Task Force on May 1.

Upon completion of a successful pilot, the university will move to implement the same access measures at its other residence halls beginning this summer.

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