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Iowa provides summer, short-term dorm leases for students

An initiative at the University of Iowa is enabling students remaining on campus during the summer months to lease dorm rooms on a short-term basis. The lease-gap program is the result of an agreement between student government and Iowa’s University Housing & Dining.

As reported by The Daily Iowan, the program will offer students a living option during late July and early August when area apartment complexes and landlords typically clean in between leases.

The temporary housing issue affects primarily those students who remain in the campus area and don’t have family or friends locally to stay with, or who lack the financial resources to pay for other temporary living arrangements.

The program started taking shape last November after taking inspiration from peer institution, Iowa State University, which had implemented its first lease-gap program last year.

The lease-gap housing program will utilize Iowa’s Burge Residence Hall and will include air conditioning, access to ethernet and wireless internet, sinks, and linens for the residence-hall beds.

Students who participate in the lease-gap program will not be permitted to bring any furniture larger than a standard chair into the dorm, and will need to find and fund their own storage options for non-permitted items.

For dining, the dorm’s Burge Market Place will be open for student use. Students can pay via standard credit/debit, U-bill charge, or a booster meal plan pack consisting of 25 meals that will roll over into the academic year.

Only active students are eligible to participate in lease-gap program, with stays ranging from three to 10 days during July 20 to August 4. There is a three-day minimum stay at $35 per night.

The program has an initial capacity of 40 students for single-rooms, but other options may become available as needed.

Iowa’s Housing & Dining has reported 31 students having already submitted applications for the current lease-gap program. Students can apply until July 19.

The program only accepts University of Iowa students that are already registered for fall classes and are in good financial standing with the university. Participants are also required to sign a legal agreement stating they will abide by residence-hall policies concerning no pets, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products.

Housing & Dining staff will be on call for emergency response, but the program will not staff any resident assistants.

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