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HID FARGO Connect Console

HID Global launches HID FARGO Connect for cloud-based card issuance

Michael O’Karma manages the Flashcard program at Kent State’s main campus and at the institutions other sites. “I see HID FARGO Connect as providing us a next-generation platform for producing cards for our students that impacts them in only positive ways,” says O’Karma.

HID FARGO Connect delivers cloud-based card issuance
Lines are eliminated at Kent State as employees with tablets meet student to capture photos and initiate card personalization

Kent State is capitalizing on tablets and the cloud-based nature of the new card personalization solution to redefine the student experience. Aligning with the popular Apple Store concept and experience, card office employees outfitted with tablets now meet students proactively. The personalization data and photo can be captured from anywhere in the office or out. The data is securely sent to a printer via the cloud and the employee then retrieves the finished ID and meets the student client on the floor to complete the transfer.

“Students don’t have to wait in line anymore, and we can provide a better service that’s more cost-effective and efficient,” explains O’Karma.

Benefits of cloud-based card issuance

The new HID FARGO Connect cloud service simplifies the management and delivery of high-volume ID issuance, saving money and time while increasing control and security. Specifically, it can:

  • Eliminate the need for computers dedicated to ID issuance at every location
  • Eliminate the management of software and other IT resources associated with ID issuance
  • Give administrators full visibility and control over their issuance process
  • Comply with data security standards using encryption via embedded digital certificates
  • Allow users to securely access networked HID FARGO Card Printers and Encoders

Ultimately, HID FARGO Connect is making use of secure cloud technologies with end-to-end encryption and transport layer security. This enables users to create new cards, encode data, issue replacements and manage print queues all in one trusted system that meets stringent regulatory security and data privacy requirements. It’s a powerful solution that applies not only to new deployments, but to devices already in the field as well.

There are more than one million FARGO printers in use around the world and this new solution is set to change those deployed devices from standalone printers into “smart, secure, web-enabled edge devices for the Internet of Trusted Things,” explains Sandness.

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