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Heartland partners with SwiftData

Heartland Campus Solutions has partnered with data integration management company, SwiftData to provide Heartland OneCard campuses the ability to outsource its data integration processes.

Heartland’s vice president of OneCard sales, Fred Emery, discussed the partnership in a post on the company’s website. “OneCard programs offer a single point of access for dining, buying books, paying for laundry, grabbing a snack, going to an event on campus, unlocking their resident hall door, and more,” he says. “OneCard is built on a foundation of student information that allows these privileges to be assigned to students or financial balances to be added to accounts.”

Emery goes on to explain that this data often comes from multiple sources, such as a campus ERP system or through existing ID production solutions. Moreover, data will need to flow from the OneCard system to existing third party access control or print management solutions.

The newly formed SwiftData, and flagship solution Pinwheel Data Management Engine, will add to Heartland’s existing data integration solutions.

Emery explains that the Pinwheel Data Management Engine will allow campuses to automate the data workflow between disconnected systems, providing assistance to Heartland OneCard clients in creating business rules for the flow of data. It will also allow the necessary data to flow into OneCard or be shared with other systems, creating the necessary privileges and rules that account holders need to access services in an automated fashion.

Emery goes on to list his top reasons for a university to consider outsourcing its data integration management with SwiftData, and implementing the Pinwheel Data Management Engine:

  • Save countless hours for OneCard and IT staff by eliminating manual updates or entries.
  • Reduce operating expenses by providing a single source of contact for multi-system data integrations. Instead of creating individual integration points for all of your systems, Pinwheel will provide a centralized data hub with the connections developed by SwiftData.
  • Eliminate bad data entry caused by human error. Pinwheel will check for duplications and combine needed data to a single account entry.
  • Achieve a better return on your existing campus investments by reducing time spent in creating system links or replacing systems that are unable to communicate with one another.
  • Have open campus architecture because as a result of not being locked into a single third party system. If you choose to move to a different access solution, as an example, Pinwheel can connect OneCard with the new system seamlessly providing you the freedom to use the products that you choose, says Emery.
  • Receive a customized data solution at an off-the-shelf price.

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