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Evolis reveals new kiosk range of self-service printers

Secure ID and card printer solutions provider, Evolis, has added to its range of kiosk style, self-service card printing terminals. First launched in 2002, the Evolis Kiosk range has grown to include five self-service kiosk card printers, divided between the company’s KC and KM ranges. The latest self-service kiosk additions are to the KC range.

“We have redesigned our range to adapt it to the new needs of integrators,” explains Agnès Puel, Product Manager at Evolis. “This work has led us to improve the features of our existing products but also to create new products.”

The new additions to Evolis’ KC range includes:

  • KC Essential (new product): The newest printer in the KC range is one of the most compact. Offers the possibility of integrating a bezel and a third-party feeder at a competitive price.
  • KC Prime (new features): New, improved version replacing the KC200 and KC200B. Now offers illuminated bezel, and provides more flexibility in mechanical integration with the removal of the connectors on the side of the machine.
  • KC Max (new product): Provides more autonomy in the operation of the printer and also allows for printing on several different card templates. The KC Max has been developed to offer a machine with four 100-card feeders.

Evolis’ KM range of card printers remains unchanged, with its two autonomous printers: the KM500B and KM2000B.

A new range to reach new markets

The instant issuance of plastic cards at self-service kiosks has gained momentum in recent years. Self-service card issuance boasts a few advantages for the credential issuer, including:

  • Increase points of interaction with customers/users
  • Improve user satisfaction and experience by reducing wait times at the counter and providing 24/7 service
  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Benefit from an innovative brand image

Markets and possible applications for the Evolis self-service range include:

  • Education: access control, payment (cafeteria, copy service, local businesses, etc.), book borrowing, access to the educational system (timetable, grades, etc.), identification, material loans, travel pass.
  • Finance: credit card, debit card, prepaid card, replacement of lost or stolen cards, opening a payment card account.
  • Government: birth certificate, social security card, residence card, education certificate, family card.
  • Healthcare: identification badge for nursing staff, COVID health card, organ donor card, blood type card, patient card, access and identity control, parking access, cafeteria payment.
  • Retail: prepaid card, gift card, loyalty card.
  • Hotels and leisure: event badge, entrance or season pass for amusement park, membership card, hotel room key, boarding pass for cruise ships, ski pass, souvenir card.

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