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Discover offers students dining alternatives with Phood meal delivery

Digital bank and payments company, Discover, has partnered with Phood’s meal delivery program for college students, opening access to merchants that run on the Discover network. The partnership comes at time when college students are overwhelmingly turning to mobile ordering and delivery services as alternatives to more traditional student dining options.

The partnership will provide a mobile app that enables college students to load meal plan and flex plan dollars for use on Phood’s meal delivery services, which include DoorDash food, groceries and convenience items on demand, as well as local restaurants that accept Discover.

Students will use a Phood Discover prepaid card, loaded with their campus meal plan or flex plan dollars, which can be used for off-campus and delivery purchases, all managed through the app.

Both physical cards and digital cards will be available as part of the program. The prepaid card will run on the Discover Global Network.

“Discover’s latest step into simplifying payments on a college campus will provide increased food options for students,” says Jason Hanson, senior vice president of global business development at Discover. “As they return to campus, students may be excited to eat at restaurants that have been closed for a while or may prefer ordering food rather than sitting in a crowded cafeteria. This new program gives them options while not spending money beyond their existing meal plan.”

“Discover’s commitment to the world of higher education and the surrounding communities takes into account how the pandemic impacted the need for expanded digital solutions,” adds Hanson. “Phood’s app is an example of new modes of payment in the campus setting.”

Over the coming year, Phood and Discover will attempt to expand the new program to college students across the country.

“Discover is investing their resources into Phood by providing their expertise in partnerships in the college space to make it easier for campuses to adapt to new channels of revenue and for Phood to reach new customers,” says Alex Parmley, chief executive officer at Phood. “We’re excited to be partnering with Discover to shape a new future for the campus industry, and power an entirely new campus experience both on-campus and off.”

The Discover and Phood program will launch first at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana and Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

Creighton University

“As students’ tastes and preferences continue to change, Phood will allow students endless possibilities to create variety in campus dining,” says Lucas D. Novotny, senior director of housing and auxiliary services at Creighton. “Creighton University is looking forward to the partnership with Phood and the extended partnerships with known leaders like Discover and DoorDash, which provide the comfort of outstanding support expected from this innovative opportunity.”

Radford University

“Combining Discover merchants such as DoorDash, food delivery with Phood’s technology, and our OneCard program is a natural fit,” says James Perkins, director of university services at Radford University. “Students can use this innovative partnership to use their Phood card for their on-campus meal plan, as well as to receive free delivery with the included DashPass.”

“We see this as an option that students will use frequently on campus and off,” adds Perkins. “The bonus is that it will seamlessly travel home with them during breaks, which is tremendous.”

Rocky Mountain College

“RMC is excited about the expanded dining options the Phood and Discover partnership will offer our students both on and off-campus,” says Shaydean Saye, director of residence life at Rocky Mountain College.

“This advancement in technology coupled with dining programs across the nation is attractive to our students and families,” adds Saye. “RMC could not be more thrilled with our new and upcoming partnership with Phood.”

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