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CBORD and NICE collaboration expands campus security systems

An integration of CBORD’s CS Gold campus card system with NiceVision’s digital video recording technology can provide live video playback of security events. The new system provides campuses with real-time intelligent video analysis that can alert operators to security threats as they occur.

Ithaca, New York–The CBORD Group, Inc. recently announced a new integration between its CS Gold campus card system and NICE Systems’ NiceVision digital video recording technology. The systems work together to provide video capture of events detected by security features in CS Gold, as well as playback and monitoring of those events within the CS Gold user interface.

Integration is accomplished through a SDK (software development kit) which runs in Microsoft Windows and communicates to the DVR through an IP connection. When an alarm occurs, CS Gold’s alarm configuration interface allows for the selection of alarm events to be sent to the NiceVision DVR. It also provides a list of the triggers in the DVR to trip for the selected alarm. IP notification of the alarm events is then sent to the DVR.

The CS Gold alarm monitor log window indicates alarms with video capture. Double-clicking one of these indicators activates the playback window for the selected alarm. Live video may be displayed within the CS Gold access and alarm monitors, and video playback may be displayed from within the access monitor (CS Gold version 5 only).

“This integration between CS Gold and NiceVision leverages the strengths of each product to provide a full-featured security solution,” says Bruce Lane, Executive Vice President and COO of The CBORD Group. “NICE’s expertise in the closed-circuit television and digital video recording arena is unparalleled, and the ability for a campus to tie these advanced features to the alarms module of CS Gold really gives the security system an edge.”

“NiceVision combines advanced Enterprise Level Video solutions with real-time intelligent video analysis to alert operators to security threats as they occur,” says Imran Rahmani, CPP, North Central Regional Sales Manager, North America for NICE Systems. “CS Gold’s advanced alarm monitoring features perfectly complement this functionality, allowing users to share critical data to provide a total security solution.”

About The CBORD Group, Inc.
The CBORD Group serves colleges and universities, corporations, healthcare facilities, chain restaurants, supermarkets, and a host of other market segments. CBORD’s products are used in electronic security, access control, campus ID card privilege control, housing services, cashless dining, online ordering, foodservice, catering, nutrition services, and other institution-wide activities. The CBORD Group serves more than 5,000 clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia.

The CBORD Group was founded in 1975. Today it employs more than 450 professionals. To learn more about CBORD, visit

About NICE Systems, Inc.
NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) is the leading provider of Insight from InteractionsT solutions, based on advanced analytics of unstructured multimedia content – from telephony, web, radio and video communications. NICE is revolutionizing VoIP interactions management with state-of-the-art solutions for IP contact centers, branches, and command and control centers. NICE’s solutions are changing the way organizations make decisions, helping them improve business and operational performance, address security threats, and be proactive. NICE has over 24,000 customers in 100 countries, including over 75 of the Fortune 100 companies. More information is available at

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