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Valley City State University issues mobile credential

Valley City State University has launched its Viking Mobile ID for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android smarthones. Students can now use their mobile credential on campus to make payments and access university buildings.

According to an official university release, the launch of mobile credential will enable students, faculty, and staff to add the Viking Mobile ID to Apple Wallet or Google Pay for use on their iPhones, Apple Watches, or Android phones.

A device with the Viking Mobile ID can be used to access residence halls as assigned, check out books and other library materials, purchase meals at on-campus dining locations, buy coffee at the VCSU-run coffee shop, and make purchases at the campus bookstores.

“Moving from physical cards to a contactless Viking Mobile ID allows for transactions that are safe, convenient, and highly secure,” says Alan LaFave, VCSU President. “This also helps students avoid touching the readers or handing their ID cards to someone else. The safety and security of students and employees is a top priority. The Viking Mobile ID is a great addition to the VCSU experience.”

The Viking Mobile ID is also protected by two-factor authentication.

“VCSU continues to provide technology leadership in North Dakota higher education,” says Joe Tykwinski, Chief Information Officer at VCSU. “The latest mobile solutions help ensure students and employees have convenient access to the information and services they need.”

VCSU worked with Transact to provide this mobile credential for students, faculty and staff.

VCSU’s mobile credential is completely ubiquitous, meaning it can be used everywhere the plastic ID card can be used.

“Having a mobile credential that could be used on campus in the same way a plastic ID card could be used was our goal,” says Tammy Jo Anderson, Director for Marketing & Communications at Valley City State University. “The whole intent is making the student experience more streamlined and user-friendly.”

VCSU will continue to issue plastic credentials alongside the mobile credentials, but Anderson explains that users must make a choice of one or the other. “The plastic ID card costs $25 versus the Viking Mobile ID, which is free to users.”

In preparation for mobile credential, Anderson says that the VCSU campus has fully upgraded its reader infrastructure. “We’ve installed Transact MRD 5 devices, in addition to the campus’ existing Transact MF 4100 readers.”

To set up their mobile school ID, students must download the Transact eAccounts app, authenticate with their university credentials, and then add their Viking Mobile ID to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

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