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LSU to crack down on student IDs at upcoming football game

Louisiana State University is planning to check student ID cards more scrupulously ahead of the school's next home football game against the University of Alabama. The crackdown on student ID verification is intended to mitigate students without tickets from getting into the football game.

Western Michigan students benefit from loyalty rewards

Students at Western Michigan University already get free access to all campus sporting events with a valid student ID card, but the university's rewards program provides additional incentive for loyal student fans. Now in its third year, the WMU Student Fan Rewards Program awards student that attend a WMU sporting event, with points that can be redeemed for prizes.

Kentucky video discourages ticket scalping

The athletics department at the University of Kentucky has launched a new video campaign to help deter ticket scalping for university athletic events. Accompanying the video campaign is a new webpage devoted to educating fans about ticket security.

With special event badges, bigger is often better

When the topic of card issuance is discussed in the higher education realm, typically we’re talking about the standard CR80 card size – the size of a credit card. We often forget, however, that there are larger format credentials that can be used for a myriad of event, ticketing and conference environments. This begs the questions, then, why would you need a large-format ID? And when does it make sense to issue a larger credential?

North Dakota State uses app for student rewards

North Dakota State University has contracted SuperFanU, a student loyalty and engagement company, to launch the new Bison Rewards mobile app. The app will enable NDSU students to earn points and redeem rewards based on events and activities they attend and "check-in" to.

UCSB students renting, selling IDs for event access

For students at the University of California, Santa Barbara tickets to the university's recent Extravaganza music festival were, quite literally, a hot-ticket item. So much so that some students were renting out or selling their student IDs -- on which the event tickets were provisioned -- to other students and individuals not connected to the university.

Team success sees Monmouth amend ticketing policy

The Monmouth University basketball team has upped its game recently, which is great new for Hawks fans and members of the university community. But with the recent success comes an increased interest in game attendance, leading Monmouth to rethink its athletic ticketing policy.

Ole Miss cracks down on ID ticket sharing

Ole Miss police have been cracking down on ID ticket sharing, and any students that opt to loan their campus card to another person for stadium entry do so at the risk of card confiscation. Moreover, the ticket buyer, or loanee, will be refused entrance.

Ole Miss introduces online ticket exchange

Ole Miss has implemented a new online ticket exchange program for home football games that will allow students to transfer unused tickets to their peers. Student tickets sold out in a rapid rate, so the program is sure to come in handy throughout the course of the season.

The perks of having a student ID card

Having a student ID – regardless of how horrendous the picture on it is – does have its perks. The benefits are money-saving, time-saving and all around your ticket to...
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