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Access Control

Access Control

October 23, 2003 / ,

Schlage VIP Locks Integrate Easily with Any Access System

Retrofitting a Door to Proximity/Magnetic Stripe Access Takes 4 Quick Steps FORESTVILLE, CONN. –  IR Security & Safety’s Electronic Access Control Division (EACD) today announced the availability of its new Schlage VIP (Value Integration Platform) locks, which let users monitor...

HID’s iCLASS™ cards make their campus debut at Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania

Nearly everyone anticipated proximity card technology would be utilized when Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA began evaluating a new access control system for the 3700 student campus. A new academic center was under construction and campus officials wanted this building,...
September 1, 2003 / ,

Access control system basics and the campus card administrator

If one based his impression simply on the ease with which the term security is used in conversation at trade shows and in meetings, it would be logical to assume that most people understand the basic concepts of access control...

University of Texas at Arlington and Diebold take card-based security to new heights

At the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), a significant advancement in campus security was achieved through the convergence of separate security elements into a single, powerful solution. For years the campus had used card-enabled door access, alarm panels, and...
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September 1, 2003 / ,

Offline electronic door locks: From the hotel to the dorm, they make access control affordable

On campuses across the country, metal keys are disappearing in favor of plastic cards. As witnessed by the hotel industry in the preceding two decades, these offline electronic locks are revolutionizing door access in college dormitories. And the growing flexibility...
July 16, 2003 /

Blackboard reaches settlement with hacker duo

On July 16, 2003, Blackboard announced a settlement with Billy Hoffman and Virgil Griffith relating to the lawsuit filed previously by Blackboard alleging the two students had hacked a portion of the Blackboard card system.
Modern Credentials biometrics 610x292 1
June 1, 2003 / ,

Biometrics 101: A primer for physical access control

Biometric technology is now a crucial component of high security physical access control systems. U.S. government agencies, private industry, and higher education campuses are seriously considering the benefits of a second level of physical security that incorporates the use of...

Fargo Integrates HID iCLASS™ Encoding Capability Into Its Card Printer/Encoders

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (May 13, 2003) — Fargo Electronics announced today that it has partnered with HID Corporation to expand the encoding capabilities of Fargo printer/encoders to include support for HID’s iCLASS contactless smart cards. HID is the largest manufacturer of...
slider contactless card 1

Radio frequency identification (RFID): Proximity and contactless card technology on campus

RFID systems enable a card and a card reader to communicate without the need for one to physically touch or contact the other–hence the term contactless. The card need only be placed in close proximity to the reader for communication...

IR Recognition Systems Biometric HandReaders Enhance Security and Convenience at San Diego State University

Handy Way to Enter AS/SDSU’s Aztec Rec Center CAMPBELL, CALIF. - April 30, 2003 - IR Recognition Systems, the biometric component of Ingersoll-Rand’s (IR) Security & Safety Group’s Electronic Access Control Division (EACD), today announced that San Diego State University’s...
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