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Sokymat’s new ISO standard RFID tag enables garment & laundry tracking

Attaching a small contactless tag to an item of clothing enables garment rental companies and laundries to better keep track of items throughout their lifecycle. The chip is embedded inside a heat- and chemical-resistant token such that it can withstand frequent laundering and abuse. Sokymat has offered contactless laundry tags in the past, but this new tag is the company’s first to utilize ISO 15693 standard technology.

Sokymat launches the new laundry tag Logi TAG 160 Sedna

Logi TAG: open standard, state-of-the-art RFID technology for the laundry

Sokymat SA, the world’s leading supplier of RFID transponders, showcases at Texcare the Logi TAG 160 Sedna, the newest member of its Logi TAG family of RFID transponders specifically designed for the laundry industry.

The Logi TAG 160 Sedna is Sokymat’s first ISO 15693 compatible laundry tag and offers all of the groundbreaking advantages of RFID technology. It is the ideal solution for contactless tracking and identification of garments in the textile rental and laundry business and fulfills all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance necessary to face the harsh environment typical of this industry segment. The new Sokymat tag, with its 64 bit UID and 56 bit OTP (one time programmable) memory chip, which provides the best price / performance ratio available on the market, also supports EPC data coding.

Sokymat launched the Logi TAG 160 H, the first 13.56MHz I-code based laundry tag, in 2002. Broadly adopted by the industry, the Logi TAG 160 H features read/write functionality and is the smallest 13.56MHz laundry tag available on the market with a diameter of only 16mm. It has been designed to optimize the balance between transponder size and reading performance and features 512 bit memory allowing to store an extensive quantity of data.

The memory chips of Sokymat’s Logi TAG family of laundry tags store a unique serial number that allows to unequivocally identify the transponder throughout its entire life cycle. In addition to its outstanding performance and reliability, the Logi TAG transponder allows to obtain the highest level of process automation and speed thanks to its anti-collision feature. This characteristic allows the transponder to read numerous tags within the same antenna field at the same time.

About Sokymat

Sokymat is a leading manufacturer of RFID transponders, offering the broadest range of tags available on the market today. Thanks to its unique know-how in packaging technology, the company is capable of designing and manufacturing virtually any type of custom transponder, perfectly suited to the specific operating environment and packaging material requested by the customer – including metal.

Headquartered in Granges, in the heart of French speaking Switzerland, the company specializes in RFID transponders and boasts expertise encompassing all areas of radio frequency identification, both in terms of frequencies (125/134.2 kHz, 13.56 MHz and UHF) and in terms of RFID system components (chips, tags, antennae and readers).

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