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CardTech/SecurTech '05 on tap for April 12-14 in Las Vegas

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While it’s still called CardTech/SecurTech, the show’s promoter is pushing separate identities for the two sides of the name, more so this year then in the past. In fact, it’s being billed as “one event, two technology sectors.”

“The show has been saddled with an EMV reputation. A lot of people think it’s a credit card event when it’s about identity tokens and how they’re applied,” said Bill Rutledge, CTST’s conference program manager for Thomson Media Conferences & Expositions.

“What’s different (this year) is there is a much larger focus on security and the fact that we’re defining what CardTech and SecurTech mean,” he said.

Some 4,000 attendees are expected at the event on April 12-14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s slightly more than last year, but considerably more than the 400-500 who attended the first CardTech. “We usually get more attendance in Las Vegas,” he said. “About a third of our attendance is from outside the U.S.”

Up, down attendance

“Like most shows, since 2000 we saw a dip (in attendance) but we saw an uptick last year for the first time,” said Mr. Rutledge. Some 200 exhibitors are expected.

When CardTech was first started in 1990 by industry veteran Ben Miller, smart cards were starting to make inroads in North America, said Mr. Rutledge. “Then they were saying that in five or six years every credit card would be a smart card.”

While that never came to pass, CardTech did pick up its reputation as being the show for the financial side of the industry. Even when SecurTech was added about four years later, “attendance was 70% from the financial side,” said Mr. Rutledge. “But that has really flipped,” he added. “We’ve seen the security side grow over the last three years.”

The CardTech side is designed “to serve transaction-oriented audiences. We’re the oldest and largest show with transactions tied to identity tokens,” said Mr. Rutledge. “While it used to be just smart cards, it has expanded to online transactions and biometrics. There is really no place to get all those things other than at our show.”

With SecurTech, it is aimed at physical and logical access. “It is the only event that looks at this from the perspective of convergence, using one card for both, one password for both, a single sign-on universe,” he said.

‘We’re about applications…’

What Mr. Rutledge wants to make clear is that “technology is not what we’re about. We’re about applications for the end user,” he said.

“For example, we’re doing biometrics on the security side by the International Biometric Group (IBG), which is supporting us very heavily. The group will debut an extensive research project it has done on iris recognition technology which could be used in the Registered Traveler and Transportation Worker Identification Card programs.”.

But biometrics will also show up on the CardTech side too, he said, such as Biometrics in Transaction Technology by the IBG.

“We have an extensive day on contactless transactions. There’s a lot going on there with ExpressPay (from American Express) and PayPass (from MasterCard). And a lot of other organizations are doing contactless transaction stuff,” he said.

The Department of Defense, which is driving much of the secure identification technology, will naturally be out in force at the show. “Government ID: New Mandates, Specs and Deadlines,” will be led by Mary Dixon, director, access card office, Department of Defense. “Mary Dixon is very popular and she has helped us a lot with that panel,” said Mr. Rutledge.

On the CardTech side, Avisian’s publisher, Jeff Staples, will moderate a panel: “The Wave: RFID and Contactless Security Technology.”

The Tech Pavilion

“One cool thing we’re doing is the tech pavilion,” said Mr. Rutledge. “It includes 30 to 40 cutting edge products that will be on the exhibit floor.”

AVISIAN is helping out with the contactless pavilion at this year’s show. “We’re looking forward to this pavilion experience as it will help showcase the latest trends in the use of contactless technology,” said Mr. Staples. Included in the pavilion will be TechTours that will highlight innovative biometric, contactless/RFID and POS terminal technology.

The “tours once a day will focus on different technologies. We’ll will take them around to the vendors who specialize in these technologies, such as biometrics, contactless and terminal technology,” said Mr. Rutledge.

Bruce Schneier, author of Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World “will kick off our convergence workshop,” added Mr. Rutledge.

All told, there will be about 60-70 speakers on both sides of the aisle (CardTech and SecurTech). Keynote speaker will be Richard Clarke, former cyber security advisor to the president of the United States, who will provide an “insider’s look” at how the current administration is tackling the potential for terrorist attacks through initiatives such as Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12.

Attendees will be able to choose one, day-long workshop for each of the three days from among eight offered.

CardTech Workshops

  • Foundations of Card Technology for Transactions, Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance and Julie Krueger, vice president, emerging technologies, JCB International Credit Card Company;
  • Integrating New Technologies for Point of Sale, Nick Holland, director of Mercator Advisory Group;
  • Emerging Transaction Technologies, Edward Kountz, senior analyst, TowerGroup; –Contactless/RFID Technologies for Transactions, Donald Davis, chief editor and Kevin Woodward, associate editor of Card Technology magazine;
  • Technologies Against Fraud and ID Theft, BITS CEO Catherine Allen;
  • Card Technologies to Increase Loyalty and Trust, Bill Hanifin, loyalty program consultant;
  • Biometrics in Transaction Technology, Raj Nanavati, partner, IBG.

SecurTech Workshops

  • Foundations of Card Technology for Security, Mr. Vanderhoof;
  • The Wave: RFID and Contactless Security Technology, Mr. Staples;
  • Government ID: New Mandates, Specs and Deadlines, Ms. Dixon, Department of Defense;
  • Biometrics for Access Security, Mr. Nanavati;
  • Foundations of Access Security, Rene Bastien, solution architect, Hewlett-Packard;
  • A Global Revolution: Large Scale ID Technology, Zack Martin, editor, ID Newswire;
  • Convergence of Logical and Physical Security, Ray Bernard, principal, Ray Bernard Consulting;
  • Wide Area Workflow: Doc Security and Authentication, Henry Dreifus, chief executive officer, Dreifus Associates.

As many as six speakers/panelists will participate in each of the above workshops.

For a complete CardTech/SecurTech agenda, or registration information, visit:

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